Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 6) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I… I think Yoosung might be a yandere in one of the bad endings…

I mean, he’s very jealous and says that he feels he might be strange. He’d be a perfect unexpected yandere, and perhaps he wants to hold onto Leina because he couldn’t hold onto Rika (first because of V and then through her death). I mean, he doesn’t really like V, and it’s always been obvious that his relationship with Rika was one-sidedly weird. I hope I don’t have to find out the hard way about his dere status, but no spoilers, please!

So, yeah, Yoosung’s crush on his cousin is just too weird for my blood, through it is more accepted in Japan from what I understand. 🇯🇵 

Today has gone much as one might expect with the addition of one major hitch in plans. 


AND I WANT TO LOVE IT AND KEEP IT AS MY OWN. Sadly, it is implied that Jumin’s own fur child, Elizabeth, refuses to share her domain (much like my own Muffin Puffin), and so he’s looking to find the premature kitten a good home. $10 says this kitten ends up with Yoosung. 

I gave the weirdest suggestion to 707 today, that being:

Yoosung is still more forward, but he’s getting serious now as stated in yesterday’s Mystic Messenger Hell entry. I still regret how mean I must be to the other RFA members to avoid their hearts and earn Yoosung’s. I mean, I just naturally want to show everyone happiness and friendly interest!

Oh, my gosh. While proofing this, I just remembered that Yoosung’s status update said that he wanted to protect the one he likes. “Protect.” Omgosh. Toma of Amnesia: Memories fame wanted to protect his namesless heroine, too!! Gah!! *panics and hides*

Everyone guessing about Yoosung’s major at the moment, and he’s opting not to reveal the information. We’re all basically just pretending that Zen’s injury never happened, and I accidentally scared Zen’s fan club off of the guest list! Well, not scared exactly. More like annoyed then off. 

I’ll sum up with some proof pieces regarding Yoosung’s character and wish you a pleasant (potential) evening!

Yandere Yoosung:

Forward Yoosung (sounds like Zen!):

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