Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 1) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I can’t believe it’s already that time again; just one day in, my playing experience is so different than it was the first time around. Firstly, I’m observing that the game updates afforded more answer/interaction options, and my choices are leading to some interesting consequences. 

(Mr. Unknown has a face, you see? I mean of course it’s his real face, right, because of course!)

Moving into gameplay, I’m answering missives frankly; it’s admittedly hard not to get swept up into the current that is Zen, but in trying my best! Honestly, so many of my natural answers align themselves with chasing Zen, 707, and Jumin that it might even be problematic in the long term. Especially since I loooove~~ cats. 

(Jumin and I (in RL) even keep our personal social media layout the same way: a profile pic of ourselves alongside a fabulously everyday header of our puuurfect felines. You see my issues, here.)

But this time around, I’m gunning for Yoosung, and this attempt’s introduction to the common route brings with it a new feature; I can, if so desired, skip the common route days and jump straight into Yoosung’s main route (for a fee). I considered it for all of 5 seconds, but I was far too tired to make a decision like that. Plus, this is part of my gameplay, and I hesitate to skip over the content that allows me to gain focus on what is necessary to “woo” dear Yoo-Yoo without an abundance of risk. (Yeah, I called him “Yoo-Yoo” just now, which is such a better nickname than “Zenny.” ^_−☆)

This time around, I’m not so caught up in the story elements that I’ve already played, and I find myself laughing more as I notice the humor in various dialogues. Let us go through some of the most humorous (or telling) moments so far…

(Like, this is two fold. A} He forgot Jaehee and B} he can say “sausage fest” in front of my MC, but he can’t joke around about being a wolf. 🐺 I feel like there are levels being mixed up here…)

(How could I have missed the questionable back and forth between V and Mr. J the first time through?? I guess I was just caught up in how strange the entire situation was upon first play through…)

(I mean, this time around, how could anyone help but suspect V?)

(Jaehee is so thirsty for Zen, you know? Like, no shame, girl; I’m just stating a fact.)

(I mean, is it professional, no, but hey, you do you. Also, look, it’s Jaehee –> 👩🏻‍💻 I mean, sorta.

(I’ve been called many things in my day, but never this. Then again, the cashiers at the grocery stores may beg to differ.)

(Ooooooh, Jumin. Is it bad that your no-nonsense attitude, regardless of how rude, is… gah… attractive? Like… gah. The second you said “quit sh*tting around,” I went… “Daym~~~, son.” [Please pardon my language. I am such a goob. (ノ_<) /(_ _)\])

I began this undertaking while stressed out, and my disgust over an employment situation left me seething and anxious all last night. Having not gotten a good night sleep the night precious due to much of the same, I’m going into this not quite as well rested as I should be, but que sera sera!

Now, pop quiz! Answer in the comments; what MysMess character equates to C in the mathematical emoji formula below?!
C = (❤️✖️(🚶🏼🎥))[(👩🏻‍💻👓)/(🚫✖️🐈)]

With Love from Mystic Messenger Hell,

Shoujo-who-is-tired-and-began-typing-her-real-first-name-thoughts ❤


Wish me luck trying to avoid too many Jumin hearts because I don’t know if that will impact gameplay in the casual route!!


(He’s so creepy, and this time I told him so. I mean, “Good girl?” “You’ll see the hottie??”)

(Jumin is so cocky, omgosh. Lol)


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