Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 1) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

Dear Anime Compatriots, I can't believe it's already that time again; just one day in, my playing experience is so different than it was the first time around. Firstly, I'm observing that the game updates afforded more answer/interaction options, and my choices are leading to some interesting consequences.  (Mr. Unknown has a face, you see? … Continue reading Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 1) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

Fanfiction Friday (06/02/17)

FANDOM(S) FEATURED THIS WEEK: “Yuri On Ice” I'll Charish You Always DiAnna44 (Ao3 Link) “Yuri On Ice” — COMPLETED AS OF MAY 20, 2017; 1 CHAPTER “Victor needs to buy a new chair.” Literally, Yuri (or Yuuri, the alternate spelling is really getting to me now) is a chair. That's all I can say about this. Yuri. … Continue reading Fanfiction Friday (06/02/17)