Avatar Updated: The Progression of my Mangaka Madness ✿

You will remember, dear readers, the disclaimer I made some time ago in understanding that…scan-feb-19%252c-2017%252c-8

However, allowances must be made for all us novices who still want representative anime avatars. You may also recall the progression of my avatar from its first to (what seemed to be) final form.

Well, Shoujo pulled an Imperfect Cell on everyone and now my avatar has been updated, and most assuredly improved? In any case, it’s time for the big reveal. I now have an updated face, thanks to the help of sharpies and a lazy afternoon avoiding Yuri on Ice fanfiction. ★~(◠‿◕✿)



So, you know, here I am again.


Loveses and hugses,


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