Watch Along: Marmalade Boy, ep. 5 (DUB)

If that last episode preview was anything to go by…

  • Does that robot record everything?
  • I feel like this will be a filler episode.
  • Ginta is so impatient.
  • Yuu stepped out at just the right moment.
  • Yuu is kinda pissed, but he’s just being so him about it.
  • Yuu just looks at Ginta like, “This is so~ dramatic.”
  • “But then again, I don’t really look at you that much.” OOOO. Burn. You aren’t work his notice.
  • *insert Arthur Reed fist meme here*
  • Oh, shoot. Same house. Now the whole world will know.
  • Tell him, Yuu. Yuu is so forceful and yet so chill at the same time. It’s a very cool attitude.
  • I know that she’s anxious, but the sound of any heartbeat is just so soothing to me.
  • Oh, Yuu. “Join me?” Geez.
  • I don’t get it either, Miki.
  • Class gossip mongers.
  • Is he actually gonna get the hint that she’s not ready to talk? Probably not. I mean, I understand that he’s concerned, but really. She needs her space.
  • The lady doth protest too much.
  • MEIKO! Yay! I have reached achievement “Knows BFF name.”
  • Aw. It’s a ducky duck.
  • I did that once with some boys. Well, sorta. Anyway, it wasn’t that great of an idea.
  • Is Yuu watching this?
  • I do so honestly like the way that they handled this scene. I like the initial silence followed by sound, color followed by black and white. It was very well executed.
  • I mean, it will indeed work out the way it is supposed to, but if she didn’t agonize, it wouldn’t be much of a drama.
  • I don’t think either are worth this trouble.
  • Obviously not this kiss with Ginta!
  • Don’t yell at Meiko, Miki. She’s just trying to help…
  • Oh, look, he does have a job. The way she said it in the other episode implied that she might not have actually believed that he was working and instead might have been out with some girl (ex. Arimi).
  • I HAVE FOUND THE OTP OF MLB. That smile did it. MikiYuu all the way.
  • But it’s still weird.
  • He talks about her at work; so cute!
  • Only in the 90s was purple and gold considered sophisticated.
  • He’s so chill with his boss.
  • OMG, “you went weird.” lol
  • It’s like their version of Ring by Spring! (a thing at my college, btw)
  • Is that girl his wife?
  • He’s a human personification of a 16 y/o girl’s vague Facebook post! “Do you want to hear the story?? Ask me for more information!”
  • …Who from Japan decides to move to New York and work as a tour guide in a major city from whence they are not native?
  • FOR TEN YEARS HE CARRIED THAT AROUND WITH HIM AT ALL TIMES. You are not in high school anymore, sir. This has gotten extreme.
  • Why does it have to be either of them, Miki? Aw, who am I kidding? We all feel like our first high school love will be the one that lasts forever.
  • Their tiny boy shorts, lol. Reminds me of pictures of my Dad from the eighties.
  • Kondou! (que Hakuouki flashback)
  • It’s 90s GLASSES TEACHER MAN! From now on, we’ll just abbreviate him as 90GTM.
  • “Why do you have me dressed up like this?” Because it’s the 90s. Get with it, Yuu.
  • How can you say no to that sweet Miki face. (And complimented by the pink in that tennis outfit. I love that outfit. Can I buy one?)
  • I also appreciate the way the formatted the still shot color changes.
  • Of course he has to partner with Ginta, because OF COURSE.
  • Why does Ginta have to beat this guy he’s going up against?
  • hahaha totally avoided his gaze hahaha~~
  • I’m sorry, it just sounds like such a funny reason to freak out. lol
  • This is so cute, to be honest.
  • What studio animated this? Did they also animate Boys over Flowers? I have to let this BOF thing GO!



  • IS THIS WHY HE’S THE MOST POPULAR TEACHER?!?!marmalade boy ep 5 most popular.png


  • *Okay, deep breath*

  • marmalade boy ep 5 OMGsame.png

    #same, Yuu. #same.


This happened.

I have to go… examine life? Die a little?


marmalade boy ep 5 90smarmalade boy ep 4 90smarmalade boy ep3 90sitsthe90sep2itsthe90s4

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