Sunshine Blogger Award! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

(If you’ve been tagged, you should answer my questions because they are fire. If you have not been tagged, you should answer my questions in the comments anyway because they are still fire and you probably are, too.)

What is a blogger award?

In my experience, it is when a blogger previously tagged in such a post nominates you to perform a specific activity, usually in the form of divulging random information about yourself or answering specific questions. Why this is called an award, I do not know, but it tends to be a fun exercise! 😀

Having said that, when Matt nominates you for a blogger award, you can just about bet that you’ll understand how to accomplish it. (Which sounds so random, but I’ve been confused about a few nominations in the past, guys.) Anyway, I have Mr. Matthew to thank for this nomination, and now I shall answer his questions!

(Off topic: I think there was a car alarm going off outside?)


– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Questions Answered for Matt!

1. What is the cheesiest movie you’ve ever seen?

Oh, my. Well, I suppose…hmm… cheesiest? I tend to avoid cheesy media if I can help it. I might have to come back to this one. Nothing is jumping out at me. I mean… Hmm… Flash (aaah ahhh, savior of the univere!) Gordon was probably cheesy, but it’s been a while since I watched it. (But dang if that theme song isn’t catchy.)

2. Are you an android or apple user?

Haha! I agonized over that decision over here. In the end, while I’m not much of a Mac user (PC! PC!), I did make the jump from an Android phone to an iPhone, and I’m very happy with that decision. Nice pink phone, actually works like it is supposed to, SAR tested at closer distances to the body thus more closely mimicking real-life conditions, no silly add-on apps that one can’t remove, still offers nearly all my otome, no viruses to worry about… Needless to say, I don’t see myself switching back.

3. What is your favorite fruit?

Apples are delicious. I prefer green apples to red apples, but I also enjoy those that fall somewhere in the yellow spectrum. I mean, I’ll eat a Red Delicious, but I’d prefer a Granny Smith or Fuji. However, the possible (and in some cases seemingly probable?) mold within apples gives me bouts of anxiety (and literal shivers because UGH, MOLD, I CAN’T, it’s one of my things), so I rarely eat them.

Is it sad that I have to work myself up to eat an apple because I don’t want to worry unnecessarily since I do it all the time? Ugh, probably… MOVING ON! BACK TO THE HAPPINESS! 😀

4. What is your least favorite fruit?

Ugh. Bananas. Or perhaps… no, bananas it is. I am not big into fruit as it were, and I never have been having always preferred vegetables, but a banana is something I’ve never been able to stomach. I can tolerate banana bread or muffins in small amounts and even enjoy them to an extent, but that’s as far as my relationship with bananas (doesn’t that sound ridiculous?) goes.

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

According to my most recent official taking of the Myers-Briggs, I am an introvert. The data supports this conclusion, even though I am a bubbly girly goob when the situation arises. 🙂

6. Do you have a favorite post of your own writing?

Hmm. I am quite fond of this Yuri!!! On Ice related post, and also of this Black Butler related post. The former is an examination of the relationship between Yuri and Victor as interpreted through the mentioned shows subtext; the latter is an expose of Ciel’s mind through interpretation of the song Monochrome no Kiss. You’ll notice that I most enjoy the posts that require digging, interpretation, and analysis. This was my world for four years, and although I don’t engage frequently (I should do that more), I’m not me if I’m not seeking deeper meaning. ❤

7. Would you rather spend a day in a fantasy world or a scifi world?

I would rather spend a day in a fantasy world, no brainer.

8. What is your favorite weapon/tool from a movie, video game, or book?

Hmm…weapons and tools are not my forte, but if I had to pick one off of the top of my head, I’d say that the sword wielded by Rurouni Kenshin, the Sakabatō, is pretty awesome because it is designed not to kill. I’ve yet to watch of all of the original Kenshin run (though I loved Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection), but I know enough to understand what that sword’s design (intentional or not) says about the warrior who wields the blade in the larger scheme of the series. 

9. What is one fictional world in which you would NOT like to be?

Haha, do I even need to think about it? Please don’t send me to Panam. Or the world of 1984. Or into the novel Brave New World. In fact, how about I just stay right here?

10. Do you like dogs or cats?

The Muffin Neko-chan can attest that, while I have nothing against dogs in the slightest, I am definitely a cat person at heart.

11. What TV or movie series do you wish never ended?

Isn’t this where I’m supposed to say Firefly? Hehe, I could also add in Skip Beat! and probably a half dozen other shows, but I’ll leave it here for now and wish you all a good day/evening! (^-^*)/




Yssa (I found you during my “MysMess Hell” post series!)

Arria (I don’t even know if you do these, but I’ma nominate you anyway!)








Questions I Ask!

1. Close your eyes and think of a random scenario in which you feel incredibly physically comfortable and emotionally contented. Can you describe it?

Weird question, so… example:

I am cocooned in a soft brown comforter—thick and draping over my neck. I sit on the over-sized, plush couch. My feet are unusually toasty, and my face is slightly cool. My eyes are tired, a bit dry. I’m holding a large mug of warm chicken soup with two hands, and the delectable steam warms the corners of my eyes as I hoist the cup toward my lips, making me feel sleepy. The husband causally strolls into the living room in which I sit, giving me a kiss on the head and caressing my cheek with his hand before heading toward the kitchen to arrange his own snack. All is well.

2. Do you think that potatoes should be considered their own food group?

3. Multiple universes theory: yes or no? (Also, Heaven—if you believe in it—existing beyond the 4th dimension?)

4. Pick one Yuri!!! on Ice character to fit into each category: adopt, marry, and make your bff!

5. Do you like pickles? Is so, what kind? If not, how do you feel about Alexander II, Czar of Russia?

6. Do you think that we will, we will rock you? Alternately, what would you do if you just realized that you were hopelessly in love with a track-competing, football wielding college-aged sports superstar intergalactic hero, but you were on a seemingly hopeless space mission during which you had only 14 hours to save the world? (Clearly, Flash Gordon is not going away now. Thanks, Queen.)

7. If there was ever a time in your life that you felt truly chilled to the bone in a single moment, can you describe it here? (I don’t mean an event that scared and worried you for clear and rational reasons, but a singular moment (rational or not) in which your hair stood on end and you literally got chills.)

Weird question again, so… example:

I was driving home from a friend’s house one evening when I suddenly heard someone clearly, terrifyingly whispering into my ear from the backseat when I was quite certainly, to my knowledge, alone. My entire body went cold and warm at the same time—really, numb I suppose—and I froze for several seconds, totally convinced that someone had snuck into the car that I usually left unlocked and hid in the backseat that I hadn’t checked before driving off… This happened after rumors hit our school about the couple murdered after arriving in their driveway one night because someone hid in their backseat… (I’ll just leave that story off here, but clearly I am still alive.)

8. Would you ever consider moving to Madagascar to study the lemurs? How about just a visit?

9. What was/is your favorite subject in school? At which are you best? Which is your least favorite? At which are you worst?

10. If you could have met one and chatted over coffee with them before their death, would you have chosen David Bowie or Alan Rickman?

11. You’re trapped in a room and won’t be let out by your captor until you agree to watch 13 episodes of one or the other: a revere harem idol boy anime or a moe girl idol title. Which do you pick?

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