Watch Along: Marmalade Boy, Ep. 2 (DUB)

Well, here we go again! Jumping right in~! Spoilers ahoy!

  • The pure 90s of the opening still has me going.
  • Why can’t I have a tennis outft like that?
  • What does “ichiban” mean?”
  • OMG, that’s right, HE KISSED HER.
  • These titles remind me of the formatting for Pokemon Indigo League.
    Such bright colors, omggggg~~~
  • Apparently he’s like an angel baby.
  • Aw. He waited for her.
  • Stop making it so obvious, girl.
  • There’s the title! “It looks sweet, but the rind inside makes it kinda bitter, ya know?” Clearly that’s a prediction if I ever heard one.
  • “Huh??” lol
  • “You’re just a spicy hot mustard girl.” ROFL X”’D
  • The girl with the blue hair and lime green uniform is just… such clash.
  • I mean, he did kiss her in her sleep.
  • Crap (pardon my French), she’s falling in love.
  • Such a love triangle.
  • “I really don’t, you know.” Aww. Such pout.
  • Forget it? Good luck with that.
  • Why do 90s anime girls always eat when they’re upset?? I mean, I know it’s a thing that some people do, but it’s almost become a trope of the decade at this point.
  • Blue hair, brown eyebrows, blue suit guy = clash
  • Someone, somewhere: “OH, great idea for the campus TV news program! Let’s interview that hot boy everyone’s talking about and interrogate him about his love life!” Everyone else in the room: “Yes, yes, that is a perfect plan. Good.”
  • Oh, my gosh. LET’S LABEL MIKI.
  • I can’t even look at the screen right now as she steals the mic. Too much cringe.
  • Is no one watching/hearing them be argumentative?
  • Do the teachers let this go on???marmalade boy ep2.png
  • It seems brown haired boy might create a problem. Geeta? Geenta. Ginta. There we go.
  • Miki. OOOOOOh… she was turned down. This is getting so juicy.
  • Awwww, the cheebs (yes, chibi, I know) are soooo~ cute!
  • TWO YEARS? Well, I forget how time flows together in high school. Two years of romantic tension seems perfectly natural to me.
  • Miki looks better with longer hair, I think.
  • Yep, sounds like first high school love.
  • Omgee, such young love.
  • Now I want ice cream.
  • Are we sure he didn’t like her?
    OMG, I know exactly what happened!
  • Awww… poor kids. </3
  • This is such high school. He liked her the whole time. So sad. I bet the dudes just found/took the note and Ginta was playing cool because he’s a stupid high school boy.
  • …Hair cut… apology…?
  • Now blondie is gonna be jealous too!! Misunderstandings abound.
  • Does she know how she feels?
  • WHO VOICES HER? …B-Barbie??
  • *looking it up* Wait wait wait NOT BARBIE! Chichi!?
  • Poor Miki.
  • Used to it? *gasp* Oh no! lol
  • Omg, rude much, Miki.
  • Taking out your aggression on a tennis ball works.
  • Again I say, cute outfit.
  • He’s watching her.
  • Sabatini–HE WAITED FOR HER!
  • Aww…poor Miki’s mom.
  • Such 90s jewelry.
  • BUM BUM BUM…ex-girlfriend?

We all know I’m going to watch episode three asap. (Time to schedule a new post!)

This is simply too hilarious and surprisingly dramatic but not in that typical “slice-of-life way” because it’s actually realistic in comparison to my own high school experience (*cough cough* unlike Say I Love You *cough cough*) and also…it’s THE 90s.

I would honestly keep watching this show if only for the decade in which it is so obviously placed.

Tell me, how do you feel about Marmalade boy??

Later gaters!



2 thoughts on “Watch Along: Marmalade Boy, Ep. 2 (DUB)

  1. OH EM SOMEONE WATCHING MARMALADE BOY THIS YEAR! I suddenly want to re-watch it even if just to refresh me of everything that happened. *^*

    You’re bound to see a lot of drama there. But Miki and Yuu’s one of my favorite couples when I was younger. I just don’t know how I’ll view them now since it’s been more than a decade since I last saw this. >_<

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