Shoujo goes Conference Crazy! (Anime Expo 2017)

I suppose I should begin by saying that I bought the tickets.

Well, we bought the tickets, but I booked our hotel accommodations with my AAA discount, and now it’s up to [SCREEN NAME TBD–He’s deciding as he’ll be mentioned quite a bit!] to book our two-way flight. Yes, my dear anime compatriots, we’re going.

Anime Expo 2017 is calling our names. (AX2017!! AX2017!! Oh, Andrew Love, won’t you please be there??)


In the beginning, when my friend said that he would go with me, I was shocked. It’s an expensive trip as well as somewhat of a logistical nightmare, and I wasn’t sure–to be honest–that it would work out with his current situation. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong, and we’re California bound in exactly 84 days.

On top of that, I will also be cosplaying as the ever-adorable Tohru Year-of-the-Cat-Fan-Club Honda!! *does happy dance and sparkles fly all over the room* Another of my friends has informed me that we look quite similar (if I were, in fact, an anime character), so my bias has been confirmed, and I’ll hold no need for wigs or contact lenses… Also, her personality is easier than most for me to emulate, as she was one of my choices during the “describe yourself in three characters” fad. If I’m doing this, I’m going all out, cosplay included.

Image result

For a long time, I was interested in the idea of going to Comic Con. Superheros, the Twilight Cast (ah, yes, many moons ago), and a road trip with my high school girl friends: how fun an imagined scenario. But it never happened, and I quite forgot over the last few years before my interests shifted. This year I discovered the astounding Anime Expo and my enthusiasm renewed itself with application toward this endeavor. To be honest, I just can’t believe this is really happening. This isn’t a very Shoujo thing to do.

So, it’s one small leap for Shoujo… No, who am I kidding? This is a HUGE leap for Shoujo personally and for her anime journey!

I won’t pretend that I’m not a little bit frightened. Or, okay, maybe a lot frightened. I’ve never been to the west coast, I don’t particularly like cities, and situations that sometimes arise in crowds have in fact sent me into a panic attack once before (thankfully after the fact, and it’s quite difficult an instigating situation to explain, so I shan’t attempt). Hotel rooms make me germaphobic, I can’t really use public restrooms without fear, and oh, yeah, I’m also moderately afraid of flying if I consider it too greatly.

My husband, rock that he is, will be several days of driving or several hours of flying away at all times. If the rest weren’t enough, this fact alone makes me nervous, as I don’t like sleeping away from him, and I’ve never been on a trip (other than a school function) without him or my parents beside me.

In fact, please don’t laugh, but since we’ve been married, we’ve never been apart for more than…two days?… honestly. We like to sleep together. For him, I’m pretty sure it’s a time of being close; for me, it’s this along with an added layer of…emotional security?… that is difficult to explain but ever present.

Anyway, I am going with one of my very closest friends, and whereas my husband doesn’t trust that I’d be safe going all on my own, with this friend in tow we’re confident that everything will go right as rain. I just need to keep telling myself that and we’ll be fine. Yes, we’ll be fine. Yes. Okay. Good.

Now that I’ve thoroughly freaked myself out, it’s time to get back to the good stuff, so here it is:

I’ve got some MASSIVE decisions to make!!

Obviously, this adventure will be blogged (and probably vlogged) about, because how could I not?! What I must determine is whether or not to continue hiding my face.

I love, love, LOVE the anonymity of the internet for multiple reasons, including the protection it affords me with my workplace, and my face would be make me easier to find, so I’m left with posting cosplay pictures from the neck down or giving up on that entirely and forsaking the safety of being anonymous. Right now I’m heavily leaning toward maintaining anonymity, but if I change my mind, you’ll hear it here some time before June 30th. ❤ If my cosplay is just too boss, then I might have to reconsider. (^_−)☆

[SCREEN NAME TBD] mentioned that we might even meet people and like, you know, carpool with them and stuff. That is parts awesome AND terrifying, so, you know, there’s that. I wonder if any of my fellow anibloggers will be in attendance, and if I’ll be brave enough to meet them if it means someone seeing my face…

Annnnyway, time to celebrate with Starish, Heavens, and Quartet Night! ❤ ❤ ❤



Oh, my gosh. What if there is an UtaPri booth or something? I might die.






I will also celebrate with this because it is sooo~~~~~ cute and I haven’t been able to stop playing it on repeat for days.


I got the 1st volume of Your Lie in April from an Anime LootCrate, as well as a light up leek, a lanyard, and some bishie headphones. This has been a very epic—abet “real world” quiet—day.





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