Mystic Messenger Hell (Zen’s Route — Day 7) *first attempt*

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I didn’t understand why people were calling it hell. I was doing so well. I mean sure, it’s a little inconvenient but I hesitated to call it damning. If anything it’s been very enjoyable. This was my mindset until about 5 o’clock last night.

I was driving to school, and suddenly I could no longer keep my eyes open. They were fluttering no matter how hard I tried to keep them open and keep myself aware. I was gritting my teeth trying to stay awake, to little avail. I even swerved once or twice. It felt entirely irresponsible, but I was already on the interstate, so what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t very well get off without an exit or something? I managed to get to school without incident, thank God, and the drive back was much better (after it was dark surprisingly enough), but since that point I have been exhausted. And, in being exhausted I am also highly emotional. When you consider that I currently have about 75% more responsibility than usual thrust upon me, this combination is not winsome. So, now I finally understand why the title is of Mystic Messenger Hell is so very appropriate.

It’s like my body has just finally hit the wall.

In fact, I spoke into the phone for much of that because I don’t have a computer presently and am too tired to type much if I did.

Anyway, blessed be the creators of autocorrect. Now, back to the game:

Zen is still a marshmallow*, Jaehee is still trying to summon spirits to hasten my demise, and now there’s a new situation that I can foresee contesting my MC’s relationship with her actor bishie…


No, no, I don’t even know this character hardly, and I don’t like to curse but it popped into my head and I’m tired so there you go. She’s probably just super in love with Zen and also super sweet and my MC should trust him more, but also show jealousy, but also not too much jealousy…

Well, I mean, I’ll figure it out. You know how chats go.

I might just be getting slap happy, but some of these chats are getting pretty hilarious. What is it about a character saying, “OH MY GOD” in exasperation that I find so very amusing, enough to laugh out loud? I also think it’s pretty stupid/hilarious how Jumin can’t SEND THE FREAKING LIMO. JUST MEET HER SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN THE APARTMENT. THEY NEVER SAID SHE WAS UNALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN. Then Jumin said this* and I felt a little vindicated and like the whole chat wasn’t full of imbecility (including my own by default).

I wonder how they’ll get outa this… OH MY GOSH THEYRE SENDING THE CAR. Jaehee was being stupid about it but they’re sending the car!! Oh…. ooooohhhh….. I know what’s gonna happen. Oooohhh noooooo. *slaps head* Of course it would be NOW that she goes to see Zen, after the events of the visual novel. Of course.

Well, nothing to be done. I’m kinda pretty excited. Now, on to some funny stuff:

Flaunt it, boi. Flaunt that kitty food.

That’s right, we know where the chips come from.

Aaaanyway, I have unexaggeratedly about six hours of homework to do in about an hour and a half, followed by two and a half hours of driving for a half hour of class that I have to leave early, and then work!! Yaaaayyy!!! Gotta run before I’m late getting to a place I need to be!

Pray for me in MysMess Hell,



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