Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 4) *first attempt* -Zen-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I woke up to find that Zen slept much like I did.

True it is; I slept for a good 6-7 hours or so, not counting the time I spent awake in the night with MysMess. I slept in a nice fluffy bed, and my reoccurring neck pain (I injured myself about a year ago) has been getting better since my last flair up 2 weeks ago, so I was able to be pretty comfortable. ^ – ^

It also made it coincidental that Zen proceeded to say this:

Same, MysMess bishie, same. I feel that soooo much.

Anyway, I bopped outa teaching Sunday school for a few minutes to hide in the bathroom and complete a chat before church (as well as take a call from Yoosung who I sadly broke a heart with <\3), and now I’m home and have just completed another round of message mania. I have been subconsciously gunning for both Jumin and 707 on the side, so I hope that it doesn’t interfere with my acquisition of Zen’s route. I only now know that as much might be a concern. I suppose time will tell.

Now, I’m still killing this whole email thing, but I am stuck on this one, guys. The TOEIC shoe size club or some such nonsense. I’ve been good about suspecting or knowing how I should reply to emails, and yet I’m currently at a loss. I mean, based on what I understand, this group rep discussing their invitation with me has no reason to be nervous.

So, I’m prooooobably going to go with telling him that the guests have small shoe sizes so he feels comfortable. Why would anyone make a group with the claim to fame of poor language scores that happen to match their shoe sizes??

Sometimes (read: rarely) the emails I receive are professional, but most often they are patently silly. And it’s pretty funny that guests vet the party out by making sure that we are of like mind (even though I am only the coordinator) or that I am knowledgeable about their area of interest/expertise. I just got an email from @model. Guess I’ll send her my second reply!

Yes, that reply was easy. Anyway, I’m nervous about tomorrow. At what time will I know who’s route I am on? Will there be some sort of notification? I have mapped out alarms for tomorrow morning for the three possible routes, but I still need to set them and try to plan around them as best as I can…

As well as map out the following days!!

And it’s going to be HARD, with that dreaded work meeting. I might have to finally spend some hourglasses!

I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on cuddle naps with the chickchee (Husband), chatting on MsyMess, and contemplating my work plan for next week. All in all, not very hellish today.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

With Love from Mystic Messenger Hell,



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