Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route — Day 3) *first attempt* -Zen-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I’m tired, and alone, and sad (though the last two are unrelated to this post), but I’m loving MysMess, and that’s something, right? Yeah.

I’m sorry. I’m going through… a spell of being down, as I like to consider it. I won’t dwell on it. I’m moving on.

My parents have cable, so I get to watch Disney Channel in the absence of anime. And that’s not the worst, though I do miss the anime. And MysMess is awesome. And I’m excited to see what happens next. I am KILLING this email thing so far.

I had to google it a bit, but now I understand a few things, those being:

1. Respond to emails promptly. Three green arrows signify three positive responses. Two green arrows means a guest MAY come. Three green means they WILL.

2. Invite all the guests you can. You need at least 10 to come if you want to reach a good ending. But there’s something about not inviting cat lovers if your in Zen’s route and if you’re in Jaehee’s route don’t you dare invite Zen’s fan club or the unrequited love of Jaehee will cause exorcised spirits to return to the land of the living and wreak havoc on your good ending.

3. Go with your gut.

Also, shout out to 707 for making me laugh SO hard. He called me today and said this:


Too true, 707. Too true. Also, clearly he understands the meaning of life. Dr. Pepper is the feature that makes dinner.

(I don’t even like Dr. Pepper, but 707’s got his priorities on lock 😂😂😂)

Also, this ❤️❤️❤️⬇️

Hahahaha I love Zen. He’s like 7000 times more romantic and wildly, stupidly confident than my own cool-type husband, so it’s a fun to pair him with my MC and watch that dynamic. Hehehe. ❤️ It makes me such happy.

And what’s the deal with the little aliens that help me read the minds of characters??

Clearly Zen–Mr. Grey profile–is completely in character. And Jumin wuvs his beebee kitty. (I miss my beebee kitty.) And Jaehee has a crush on Zen the size of the moon.

I’m not really an instigator, but when it came to playing the game and gunning for Zen’s route, I may have broken several of Jaehee’s hearts during a particularly brutal chat~~~~

I got 💯% of my chats yesterday; gunning for that again today.

Oh!! And Jumin’s cat fetish has reached new levels of hilarity. 

In other news, Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast is coming out soon. (Can you tell that I’m watching Disney Channel?) Are you excited? I don’t know if I’m excited. I was Belle in my high school’s production. Was a great time. Got my first kiss in front of a whole CAST of people. 

I drank like 2 glasses of wine to try and improve my mood (That’s a terrible idea. Don’t do that.) else I’d never admit that here. But anyway, now you know that.

This whole paragraph is off topic. Woooo.

I’m gonna go find fanfiction and distract myself until the next chat.
With Love from Mystic Messenger Hell,


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