First Impressions: “Bleach” (Dub)

So… that was a thing that happened.

Yes, I actually watched this.

I’ll skip the plot synopsis (as its not like I really have one anyway) and jump right into my tale.


As it stands, I knew that Bleach wasn’t my thing. Or, at least, I assumed that it fell wildly into the realms of something like Inyuasha*—an opinion I’d founded on my own limited perception and its popularity amongst my high school male aquantences who enjoyed such titles—and felt no desire to investigate further.

Then, one day after several intervening years and my subsequent fall into anime, the husband brought some manga home for me. Now, it wasn’t the first few volumes. In fact, it was volumes 21-23 (or so) if memory serves, but the point is that is was Bleach. (He just saw manga, thought of me, and went for it, bless him.) I was so excited to own my first few official volumes of manga, as random as they were, and I won’t deny that I felt stirrings of curiosity.

But it was not to be endured.

“No, [name], dont do it!” the Heart rebelled (for this was before I’d started Otaku Ramblings and donned my Shoujo mantel).

“But this gives me a chance to see if I’d like it without investing…” Logic countered. However, Heart was not to be deterred.

“If you start reading here, you’ll be hopelessly lost. Plus, it’s Bleach; it’s not your thing. It’s probably violent…”

Thus, no love for the Bleach manga was born (if ever a chance such affection stood), and I discovered more shoujo anime titles to love, firmly putting Bleach from my thoughts in all but the vague interest that hovered stagnant in the winding recesses of my mind whenever another anime blogger dove into the lore, mentioned a favorite character, or generally sang the title’s praises.

So, today, after having seen the title advertised so often on my Netflix screen, is it any wonder that I finally took the plunge as I stood in the bathroom straightening my hair for once and considering options to alleviate my boredom  (for straightening this curly hair is at least a 30 minute endeavor with a quality flat iron)?

No, it should come as no shock to you. What one might find curious, however, is this; I… I think I… liked it?

Well, I mean, I at least liked it enough that it certainly warrants a glimpse into episode 2.

It looks like main character Ichigo (who is 15. 15. WHAT??)  has this uncanny ability to see and communicate with departed spirits. He’s a bad@$$ as necessary, but a kindhearted dude who lives with his wakadoo father and two (younger??) sisters who share in his gift to varying extents. (I assume that his ??actress?? mother is long since dead.) 

One day, his life gets turned upside down when he discovers that angry evil soul-eaters are seeking him out that they might devour…

—hold on, I have to stop typing. My piggie tails are falling out. *adjusts* Okay *clears throat*—

…his (oddly powerful) being, and they are harming his loved ones in an effort to get to him. He also discovers the existence of soul reapers who help send the departed to peace, and works with this soul reaper to take on her power and fight in her stead as she’s injured herself defending him from his own ignorant actions.

You go, boy.

Now, just give me some serious, slow-building romance between soul reaper girl and Ichigo (which is admittedly a Twilight “you’re-108-I’m-19-but-you-look-17-so-it’s-okay” level of weird), and I’m game for at least 20 more episodes if you age up our hero as we go (in Naruto fashion, not that I’ve seen the title or anything).

Like I said, in any case, it warrants a look at episode 2. (But that opening, though. Very meh.)

Bleach doesn’t seem anything like I anticipated, and I’m happy about that. So, tell me, can I expect romance? That a going to be the deal breaker for me, probably.

The rest? Very good. The art (though I basically despise when they draw girls like that**), the dialogue and interaction, the interspercing of humor to balance (read: disrupt and I hope this doesn’t become a problem) more serious moments, the simplicity and promise of excitment…

Again I say, good stuff, that.

**but if his sisters turn out to be 12, it’s fine. Still not super happy using it for soul reaper girl. She’s supposed to look 15…? Bla… *grumble*

Do you like Bleach? Do you looovve~~~ Bleach? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep truckin’ on,


*I just tried to watch Inyuasha again a few weeks (two months??) ago, hoping for some action and romance. Couldn’t get past episode 2. Gah. So creepy. *shudder*😨


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: “Bleach” (Dub)

  1. If you’re looking for romance you might want to think twice. While there is certainly an ongoing relationship between Rukia and Ichigo (she did change his world afterall) romantic is not the way to describe it. That said, if you enjoyed episode 1, you’d probably make it to the end of the first season as the tone stays pretty consistent for the first part. Though, my advice is highly biased given I’m a die-hard Bleach fan. I know it is full of flaws and has all sorts of issues but I just love it.

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  2. I really love Bleach along with Naruto and One Piece. Bleach has some pretty awesome fight scenes and amazing characters. I also love the OP and ED songs. To me, Bleach is a good Shonen series.

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  3. I saw a few episodes of Bleach at an anime convention a few years ago. then i tried rewatching it a year or so ago and I just couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure why. It should be the kind of anime I like, but there was just something about it. It didn’t draw me in.


  4. I am a die hard Bleach fan, although I can easily point out it’s errors. It was one of the first anime I watched (brings back a lot of good memories) I hope you enjoy it, although there is little romance it is by no means a ruling theme. If you would like a filler free watch let me know and I can send you a list, because like Naruto, there are quite a few fillers 🙂

    Although I still insist that Bleach is a must watch, it is part of the big 3 (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece) for a reason XD

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