“Please help–I need technological advice” (or, “Don’t hate me for this anime-less post; I’m at a loss.”)

Warning: The first point on the “Consideration List” deals with the following:

I live my life fighting sometimes near crippling, probably always irrational anxiety. My biggest irrational fears at the moment include STDS and pink eye (again, I am exposed to neither of these and don’t plan to be, but I’m hopeless). Anyway, buying a phone—different as it may seem from such issues—is not a situation exempt from such anxious nonsense. So, when I start mentioning brain cancer, maybe please don’t laugh at me…okay? *puppy eyes*

Anyway, moving on!

Backstory: Okay, guys, as the title of this post would indicate, I need technological advice, and I’m making a blog post about it because Twitter limits me to x number of characters. That just isn’t going to work in this instance. Today, Shoujo must decide what do to as her phone has FINALLY, totally bit the dust. Not only do I need this phone as a personal soure of communication, but I also RELY on it for work. The thing’s been piece of junk since I bought it, but hey, such is true of relatively untested tech (ie–new phone models). I’ve had Samsung phones for the last…oh, gosh… since I was in 8th grade. Wow. Anyway, the last two have been smart phones.

Now that my buggy-since-purchase phone has finally bit the dust, I’ve got some decisions to make, and my indecisive nature (and anxiety) doesn’t like being forced into a corner like this. Don’t laugh, okay? (My husband can’t help me with the anxiety part, bless his heart.)

Question: Do I buy an iPhone, or stick to the Samsung S series, or get another brand entirely?

Consideration 1: I like Samsung because they have a lower SAR (specific absorption rate) radiation rating than most other smart phones. Thus, in my mind, one is less likely to get brain cancer, etc. I obsess over this fact and—in my mind—do so for good reason. Cell phones haven’t been out for that long! I mean, a ten year study is just that–ten years! Even though there is no proof that they cause cancer, world governments still put a cap on the SAR to which one is allowed to be exposed, and phone companies put disclaimers into their booklets that state individuals are not to hold the phone within x-amount of space from their head. Samsung S series, while still higher than some other phones, is lower than many other equivalent smart phones. The iPhone sits at the MAX amount of SAR to which a person in America is allowed to be exposed (and our limits are higher than some other countries because the government makes questionable decisions, but I digress). If I buy an iPhone, will I be too afraid to use it? Will I be too afraid to make calls and hold it up to my head? Perhaps. This is quite likely. Also, studies have shown, if not cancer, the microwave radiation given off smart phones DOES impact brain matter makeup on the side of head frequently used to make phone calls, though the impact of this is unclear. I tend to think that anything messing with your brain is a bad thing. The husband has an iPhone and won’t consider changing phones, so… I worry about that for his sake, but I tell myself it’s irrational. But maybe it’s not. I honestly don’t know in this case. Husband thinks I’m being irrational.

Consideration 2: This is going to sound silly, but while I can still download my favorite otome games on iPhone, I can’t transfer my otome app data from android to iPhone. I’ve spent over two years accumulating freemium content the hard way, and I’d hate to lose that!! I mean, in the future I might just start buying the routes, but… I REALLY don’t wanna loose my data. A few I’ve connected to Facebook, but the ones I REALLY care about are only connected to my google play account, so… *cries* I mean, it’s like any other gamer sinking hours and hours into a game, only to have their system crash and loose all their progress. Maybe even worse, since I could only move at a snails pace though each route. 😦

Consideration 3: Samsung things have…you know, exploded. Then they were recalled. Then they exploded again.

Consideration 4: Samsung ruled the roost with it’s normal phones, but has let me down with its smartphones. My S3 got a virus and the port/battery got messed up, leaving it basically useless at the end. My S6 isn’t even 2 years old and already I’ve had a host of software and physical issues to the point now that the only copy of my honeymoon pictures are stuck on the dang thing (and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get them off). In any case, the phone won’t even charge anymore, so it’s a moot point. Point is, the thing is useless, and it’s been a letdown since I bought it. I bought the S6 thinking that it would last me a good long while. I was obviously wrong. My smart phone, if I pay this much for it, should last more than 2 years. The husband has had nothing but luck with his iPhone. He thinks I should get one.

Consideration 5: I love the customization possible with an Android. Can an iPhone be customized to this extent? Fonts, pictures, ringtones you make yourself?? I don’t wanna give that up. It seems like a downgrade.

Consideration 6: I want access to my favorite apps and widgets. These are things like WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, My Otome Collection <3, kamoji holder, etc. There is a lot I’m unwilling to compromise on, especially now that I blog. Tell me, iPhone users, will I have the same app variety? Will it be intuitive?

Consideration 7: I can get a rose gold iPhone. Lord knows, I love pink.  It will be in a case, and you won’t see the pink. Grr…

Consideration 8: Wireless charging with an Otterbox? Is that a thing? Can I do that? How do I know if it will work? I’m getting mixed messages, here.

I know there are more considerations, but this is what I have off the top of my head and now I have to go to the doctor, so any advice would be appreciated. I’ll check my computer again when I get home, because one way or another, I’m taking action tonight as I need my phone for work!!

Later, anime compatriots.

❤ ❤ ❤




18 thoughts on ““Please help–I need technological advice” (or, “Don’t hate me for this anime-less post; I’m at a loss.”)

  1. LOL you are so cute. I have a Rose Gold iPhone 6s+, I’m a heavy apple user so of course I would be rooting for apple. There are really pretty rose gold phone cases out there so you won’t lose the pink! (I have a pretty sturdy rose gold and black case right now. it’s been handy. I like Apple because it’s simple; sure the design hasn’t changed but I like that the straight forward interface.

    However, if you’re already an Android/Samsung user and all that data is stored to that phone. I’d probably stick to what I know. That’s the main reason I’ve stuck with Apple honestly. I’m so used to the interface that when I pick up an Android or Samsung I’m completely at a loss to navigate. Androids are much more customizeable and if that’s something you’re used to then I would vote against Apple (again it’s probably blasphemous for me to even say that since I own all apple products – they’re just seamless interfaces for myself)

    I know people that have switched back from Android to Apple and aren’t happy. Again its down to customization.

    Not sure if that helped!

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    1. It’s so~~~ pretty, isn’t it!? So rosy!! Not that this next point matters that much, but can you charge it cord free when it’s in the case? I’m probably going to get an otter box because 9 times out of 10 I’m dropping my phone or accidentally flinging it across the room.

      It did help, honestly. I was gearing myself up for the iPhone, but now I’m torn, as it were. That customization is something I would hate to loose, and even more than that MY APP DATA, but I’m also *very, very* concerned with having a working phone. Husband’s last iPhone lasted for like 4 years. I want that kind of reliability, as both my last Samsung phones have bit the dust at just under 2 years. I have to be able to actually use it as it was intended.

      Now my Internet research indicates that the Samsung S7, for example, is tested at 15mm (0.6 in) away from the body while the iPhone is tested at 5mm (0.2 in) away from the body, thus their SAR reports are not comparable. I’m a ridiculous wreck about the whole thing.

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      1. Hmmm I’ve never done wireless charging with an iPhone. Case or no case. Unless u get a case that does that? Ahh the otterboxes are great. They have slimmer versions’ so they re not as bulky but give the same protection.

        Honestly if you’re worried about your apps then I think iPhone would be the wrong way to go! Unless ur willing to completely start over! As much as you love the aesthetics of an iPhone; there’s always phone cases you can get to cover ur Samsung or android! Those possibilities are endless 🙂

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      2. True story; I’m just afraid it will be a dud like last time, but your points are very valid. I’ll just keep agonizing and honestly probably not buy anything and not worry about people trying to get ahold of me from work…

        Dang it. I really wanted to do that, but, you know, it’s kinda critical.. 😦

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      3. He thinks I should get an iPhone since my last two have been expensive duds, even if I do loose my app data. I think we’re all going to die of brain cancer. (I have to stop looking these things up.)

        It isn’t a real option, at least not for more than like a day. I really do need to make a decision. :/

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  2. I just got a Samsung Galaxy phone and am pretty happy with it. From your consideration list, I don’t think you would be very happy with an IPhone, since consideration 1 and 2 seem to be most important to you.

    As to consideration 3, I’m a business major and we’ve studied this fairly fanatically and can pretty much assure you that unless you grab the hottest and latest Samsung model, you should have no problem in this department. I can get into this more but basically tried and true is better in this case than shiny and new.

    Concerning points 4-8 I don’t have anything really meaningful to add. Hope that helps though.

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  3. Did you get the S7? That would be my main contender to the iPhone 6, as I’m hoping to retain the device for a long while. This also means that I run the risk of issues, as you mentioned. I just hated the S6 that I had (even the store guy said that it was kinda…problematic) and I am worried that an S5 will be out of date drastically in like 4 years.

    But…that app data. My otome. Yikes.

    As I said to Hazelyn, now my Internet research indicates that the Samsung S7, for example, is tested at 15mm (0.6 in) away from the body while the iPhone is tested at 5mm (0.2 in) away from the body, thus their SAR reports are not comparable. I’m a ridiculous wreck about the whole thing.

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    1. I got a different model, part of the J series, can’t remember which one exactly. The difference between my phone and the S7 is just that the S7 has better specs so I can’t see you having any issues if my phone is any indication.

      As Hazelyn says though if you have any concerns regarding apps and such then I would just go with the S7. While the SAR reports aren’t comparable, you seem to know a lot about that sort of thing and earlier you said Samsung usually is top contender in this aspect. Since these were your two biggest points I don’t see what IPhone really has to offer you.


  4. Looking at your post I’d say just stick with Samsung since you’ve become comfortable with it. I’m pretty much the same in that I’ve always had a Samsung. My S4 bit the dust after 3 years and now I have the S7 edge with I’m absolutely in love with. At least you wont lose your game data since you can use your google account and all. Considering your worries, it would be a safe choice to stick with Samsung or another android rather than switch to iphone. :’)

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      1. I know….you just never know what’s right for you. Haha have fun with that! 😊


  5. you could also consider getting an older model of samsung or android phone (especially if youre afraid of exploding), depending on what your carrier is anyways. i had to get an motorola droid mini because all the newer phones were too big for my hand

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    1. I feel that; my brother is a huge guy and so his Note 4 fits his size, but I’m over here like…”It’s enormous!” Lol.
      Now I’m looking at the Pixel, too. How big is your mini?


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