Most Bad@$$ Scene From Any Anime Character (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 27)

Blogger’s Note: This post became much more of a discussion on what makes a moment bad@$$ than I had originally intended, rather than being a description of a single incident. Also, you may get tired of me writing the word as “bad@$$,” but I don’t say it excessively (especially after a point), so I think we’ll be alright.

I am going to choose to believe that bad@$$ doesn’t need to mean visually stunning so that I don’t end up writing about Hakuouki AGAIN (because you know I would, dear readers, you know I would). In selecting a scene, I have to ask myself, “in what way should I digest the prompt?” What does it truly mean to be bad@$$, and in which cases should I validate one character’s bad@$$ery as more intense than that of another? Sebastian (of Black Butler notoriety) killing the mob responsible for kidnapping Ciel by using the family dinning silver is bad@$$. The same can be said of when he literally SPITS OUT BULLETS and then THROWS THEM AT HIS WOULD-BE ASSASSINS with enough speed to KILL THEM OUTRIGHT. Like…what is that??

Other such incidents of bad@$$ery are less physical and more verbal. (DON’T DO IT SELF, DON’T DO IT.) In Hakuouki (YOU DID IT.), Okita Souji (NO, STOP IT. STOP IT.)…

Okay, I stopped myself. Anyway, some bad@$$ery is more verbal. It’s isn’t based in anime, but there was a character in an otome game that I played who said, “Roast in the flames of perdition,” as his vigilante catch phrase, and I maintain that the aforementioned line is one of the most bad@$$ lines every spoken in an otome, the end-good day-that’s all.

In my opinion, to be considered bad@$$ rather than intense, a scene must have little other pull than the “cool” factor. Impressed must be the primary emotion, rather than respectful, heartbroken, or in stitches. There is no room for being conflicted while witnessing a bad@$$ moment. When Saito (I’M USING HAKUOUKI AGAIN FOR A MOMENT BUT I WON’T RAMBLE, I PROMISE) drinks the water of life in Warrior Spirit of the Blue Sky, I feel a cornucopia of emotions. Thus, even though his next actions are physically impressive, this is much more than a bad@$$ moment. When Ren (Dance with Devils) breaks into song while murdering (i.e.-defending himself and Ritsuka) a hoard of vampires in a deserted house’s well-kept kitchen, I feel only that “cool” factor stemming primarily from Ren’s confidence (as manifested in his actions, words, and appearance). Thus, this IS one such moment. 

In fact, though there are a few moments that readily come to mind, I think that this is the one that I shall pick for today.

Without reveling spoilers (seriously, guys, it’s a dark, romantic, unintentionally comedic, bad@$$ musical with an epic and seamless DUB and you should WATCH IT), Ren Arlond, basically the heir of Hell, takes out cronies of the vampire faction with skill, ease, and unassailable confidence. And those lyrics! And those blue flames! That doll and marionette imagery!

Learn your lesson well.

Dance until the hour of your doom.

Thoughts? Bet you didn’t expect me to pick a scene from a musical. (^_~) ♪♬

And perhaps musicals aren’t your thing. Tell me, what anime scene do you find the most bad@$$? Do you agree with my qualifications assessment?

Bye for now!


♬ Hark, my name is Ren Arlond:

the prince of despair to whom even the darkness grovels!

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