My Favorite Armor, Gear, or Weapon Used in Any Anime (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 22)

Generally, I’m not overly absorbed by weapons, gear, or armor. These are not usual shoujo staples. I could easily pick the iconic Shinsengumi uniform (and Yamaki’s ninja apparel, as well, because that’s pretty sweet if basic, something I’m totally okay with), but that would seem redundant given how much I clearly love Hakuouki and how terribly likely I am to repeatedly reference the title again during this challenge period. I’ve seen all these things, of course, but I rapidly recall nothing that stands out to me particularly for it’s awesome design. I could go on about transformations, but I don’t think those necessarily count when considering the prompt. What’s a shoujo fanatic to do?

I’ve watched Sword Art Online, of course. (I kind of feel like asking who hasn’t at this point, but I suppose that some would say the same about Naruto or Inyuasha—and don’t even get me started on those as the first I’ve never seen and the latter thew me off anime for years. I tired to watch it again recently because they suddenly took my favorite anime titles off Netflix, but I got two episodes in and went NOPE NOPE NOPE, so there’s that.)

But I’ve digressed. So, back to my thought, I’ve watched SAO, and I suppose I could pick Kirito’s look just because it first came to mind, but, again, the fact that he’s clearly a kid took away from the overall bad@$$-ery of his appearance and I was never OVERLY in love with it to begin with (not saying the trench-look isn’t decently cool or anything–so many people hated SAO, but I honestly enjoyed that first season quite a bit at the time).

If I’m picking a weapon, I could pick Son Hak’s glaive as depicted in Yona of the Dawn. I would do so because HAK IS AWESOME, and that’s a fact. Again however, we run into the situation in which my feelings about armor, gear, or a weapon are contingent upon my feelings about the wielder or wearer, because I care about characters more than their equipment.

I suppose there’s no escaping it, so I might as well give in:


My Favorite Armor/Gear


My Favorite Weapon


But here’s a question for you; wouldn’t a moon wand be considered a weapon? 😛


Of course! It’s not my favorite, but it is a thought! Clearly a shoujo staple, that.


Well, how would you answer this prompt? I bet those with broader anime tastes have a great deal of examples to choose from!

Let me know, if you would.




3 thoughts on “My Favorite Armor, Gear, or Weapon Used in Any Anime (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 22)

  1. When I was young I desperately wanted a moon wand. I mean, it disintigrates people and turns them into dust just by drawing a circle with it and believing in love and friendship and stuff. That’s pretty awesome.
    Okay, it also heals brainwashed victims, and can be used to crack open a money box, so really I don’t see any reason not to want one.

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  2. I feel that; I would play at Sailor Moon in my front yard and I had a light up princess scepter that I would pretend was my moon wand. Good times, good times.

    The 90s Sailor Moon sparkles since have warn off of adult me, but nostalgia glasses are awesome.


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