My Favorite Goofy Anime Character (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 21)

What does the question mean by “goofy?” I’m sitting here listening to Chōzetsu☆Dynamic! as I consider what character I should choose to wax on for the prompt today. Does Goku count as a goofy character because the original of DBZ and Super (read: not the dub) makes him seem like a total idiot? If not, perhaps someone like Sunohara Youhei from Clannad would suffice, because he is–at least for the most part–definitely a total goof.

And as I ponder the relevancy of my own personal tastes as I struggle to respond accordingly with so few characters that readily come to mind, I remember that BLACK BUTLER: BOOK OF THE ATLANTIC comes out in Japan today, and that I have no idea when it will be released as a dub—thus, I cannot relish the news. (⌣_⌣”)

Moving on, my favorite goofy anime character, huh? It seems difficult, given that my favorite characters are often those in possession of more serious persuasions…

Sakura Chiyo of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun renown can be a but silly at times, but I’d hesistate to call her goofy. It is in this show, however, that I’ve found my pick for today.




☆☆Kashima ☆☆


Charismatic Kashima sends all the school girls swooning, practically oozing charm and pulsing sprays of rose petals while traversing the campus hallways in avoidance of a certain drama club president determined to see Kashima responsibly show up on time for club functions. There is only one thing unexpected about this shoujo manga bishie model princely type… Any idea what it is?


Yes! You guessed it! Prince Kashima is a girl!

She’s also ridiculous, but that’s besides the point. (Well, I suppose I should say that’s the entire point considering the title of the prompt.)

Kashima is good friends with the red-headed Mikoshiba, and a credit to the drama department. She takes the staring male roles in all the productions directed by her secret crush, Hori (who is also an amazing actor, but considers himself too short to play male leads and yet can’t  risk outshining the other actors on stage by taking a supporting role).  Aside from this, she constantly gets on Hori’s nerves in various ways, including running late for practice so that he’s forced to seek her out and drag her forcibly to the theatre. The hilarious bit is that she doesn’t even realize that she loves him, and yet her actions always scream “SENPAI, NOTICE ME!!!!!!”

*spoiler alert* There’s even an episode where she treats him like a shoujo princess because she thinks that’s what he wants, and all the while she’s offending his masculine sensibilities.

I’m smiling just thinking about her character, and now I want to skip off to watch Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun again, even though I have considerable other responsibilities (FOCUS SHOUJO, FOCUS).


Until next time!




5 thoughts on “My Favorite Goofy Anime Character (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 21)

  1. I just finished this anime a few weeks ago but now I feel the urge to rewatch it, haha. I loved how you introduced your chosen character with the pictures.

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