Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 20)

THERE ARE SO MANY. I can list five. Let’s get brutal.

Juri because he’s obnoxious about his “Chi.”

-Brothers Conflict


Melissa because his name is throwing me off game and he’s just this weird doll that in no way furthers the anime’s plot. (I don’t pretend to speak for the game, as I think he’s an actual character of import in said media.)

-Kamigami no Asobi


Rini because 99% of the time she’s an obnoxious little brat who ruins everything. (Some of you probably love her but I’ve never been able to stand the kid.)

-Sailor Moon


Kotomi because she’s also obnoxious and demands all the attention of her father at the expense of her mother and treats said mother poorly, at least from what I saw. (Are you seeing a trend yet?) I get that she’s just a little girl, but Irie clearly doesn’t pay enough attention to his wife as it is and Kotomi thrives on that. Or maybe I’m misreading the situation. It’s been a while.


Lucie because COULD YOU PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN DANG BUSINESS, GIRLY? Who raised you to be so selfish!? Are you 16 years old!?


What makes an anime character annoying? Clearly, for me, a character is annoying when said character is selfish or obnoxious. Who bothers you the most?


Over and out!







4 thoughts on “Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 20)

  1. Yep, Rini in the 1990’s Sailor Moon was a pain in the absolute neck and I hated her so much. The only time I enjoyed her character at always when she went evil and then they went and saved her rather than turning her into moon dust (okay, I know I just suggested that they kill their future child but I was pretty young at the time and probably hadn’t thought it through that carefully).
    Nice list of characters that can be incredibly annoying.

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