My Favorite Supporting Female Character (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 18)

Have you ever heard the Golden Girls theme song? “Thank you for being a friend,” the lyrics read. “Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true; you’re a pal and a confidant.”

An awesome supporting character can be a friend to the MC or a foe in relation, but in any case and as a general rule, too many girls in a shoujo title is a no-no (at least in keeping with my personal preferences). I’m more of the reverse harem sort. Having said that, there are some female supporting characters that I appreciate in that they are pretty kick butt at being a supportive friend without stealing the show’s spotlight or ruining the romance. (I don’t want any female-dominated love triangles, okay!) 😛

The character I’ll mention today is Kuzuha Azuna from Dance with Devils. Wait. I haven’t mentioned Dance with Devils yet? It’s a dark, romantic, shoujo MUSICAL with a seamless dub, and I HIGHLY recommend it if only for the fact that IT IS A MUSICAL, PEOPLE. It’s DiaLovers done right ( I say this because it’s coming from the same producer, Rejet, and not because it’s plot is anything remotely similar to DiaLovers.), and admittedly parts that I don’t think are meant to be funny will leave you laughing hysterically, but that’s part of it’s charm! ❤



I should warn you now: SUBSTANTIAL PLOT SPOILERS REGARDING THIS CHARACTER AHOY! If you don’t want them, stop reading now, okay? (Better yet, go watch Dance with Devils and then come back to read! (^_~) )


So, keeping it super brief, Kuzuha Azuna is main character Tachibana Ritsuka’s high school BFF, and everything regarding this particular character indicates that she’s supposed to be a pretty average girl until BUM BUM BUM, suddenly exorcist. 

Yep, it is revealed that Azuna is a 20-something exorcist who is actually in cahoots with Ritsuka’s brother-cousin (and trust me, that will all make sense if you’ve watched it), Lindo. She works tirelessly to keep Ritsuka safe, but still considers her more than a job. For Azuna, Ritsuka is first and foremost a friend, and she’s worried that their relationship will be RUINED if Ritsuka finds out the truth. Eventually Ritsuka does find out Azuna’s secret, but their friendship ultimately remains intact.

In the end, Azuna pays the ultimate price for Ritsuka. And she doesn’t regret it for a moment.

Azuna is definetly one of my favorite supporting female anime characters.

Tell me, who are yours?

Later alligators,

Shoujo–still a Tama-chan–thoughts


We went car shopping today. And yesterday. Not fun.


I’m still geeking out over the voice of Teika from Magic-Kyun! Renessance and his signature song has been added to my go-to playlist.


I want to watch Hakuouki but I AM SO TIRED~~~~~


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Supporting Female Character (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 18)

  1. Karandi says:

    I always felt really bad for her as a character. She seemed like she had nothing of her own and while it was nice she wanted to protect Ritsuka it just seemed like she didn’t really have any other life outside of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • shoujothoughts says:

      Yeah, and I she didn’t get much back story of her own if I remember correctly, but I do admire her dedication. And I suppose there is more room for fanfiction? 😛

      The other character that I would have wrote about was Sen-Hime. I think she’s awesome and she got a lot of background in the Hakuouki games, but I’ve written about that show a lot, soooo~~~~

      Liked by 1 person

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