My Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 15)

Ooo…animal sidekicks or summonings? It feels like I’m playing Dungeons & Dragons again. (I’m usually–read: always–a druid, so I get the animal sidekick bit.)

Now, I don’t really watch shows that have those things, and the ones that are present don’t “WOW” me. As a general rule, I am uninterested. They tend to annoy me. I mean, especially this thing.


So, I hate to do this on another 30 Day Anime pos–

–NO! I got it!

Would this little fire demon be close enough to satisfy the prompt? I know it isn’t technically accurate, as he’s not an animal of any sort, summoning or otherwise, but He’s my fave. Calcifer from “Howl’s Moving Castle” is quite an adorbs little dude with his ‘tude and his eyes and what not. Plus, he’s got that whole, “I’ma hold on to your heart” arrangement with Howl, right? I don’t know that I fully understand why Howl offered up his heart and why Calcifer took it (and I don’t think you necessarily are supposed to know all the details), but hey, it would be nice to find out that bit, right? Need some fanfic of that. Get on it, fandom writers, chop chop!

I’m a goof, so I’ma stop now.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning (30 Day Anime Challenge, Day 15)

  1. plainpastaandplainrice says:

    I think Calcifer counts! While not an animal as such, he’s definitely a magical companion creature.

    The reasons behind the deal that Howl and Calcifer made are more clearly explained in the book that the film was based on by Diana Wynne Jones (unsurprisingly also called Howl’s Moving Castle). It’s been a while since I’ve read the story so I’m a bit fuzzy on the details myself, but it’s a fun read. The story is a bit different to the film, I think that they have different strengths but are both good. It’s making me want to read the book again myself!

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