First Impressions: “Toshokan Sensou” (SUB)


There were times that “Toshokan Sensou” seriously had me saying both, “Yeah, take him out!” and “SHhhhh…. oh, frick.”

You know I am a shimmering, shoujo girl , right? I mean, I enjoyed “Magic-Kyun! Renaissance,” quite a bit, so that should tell you everything you need to know; “Toshokan Sensou” isn’t shoujo in the slightest, but I see myself marathoning it in spite of that. I think I’m really going to find myself absorbed in this title.

The plot, as far as I can ascertain, looks like this:

Basically, in time when media is heavily censored, libraries have risen up and taken created a counter-force to the oppression, and Kasahara Iku has, as of the first episode, been assigned as said force’s first female member. Kasahara had her first run in with one of these anti-censorship soldiers as a high school girl, but she’s never forgotten him and looks up to this mystery man with abandon, following in his footsteps as one of free expression’s saviors.

Library Wars.jpg

Looking as this anime’s genres, I was a little hesitant to start, but the show won me over incredibly quickly.

Basically me: “Action, military, comedy, romance,” huh? It’s a war anime? But, no Gundams, right? NO GUNDAMS, HALLELUJA. Well, as long as it’s not a mecha, I will give it a solid try. It looks like it has potential.

I immediately assumed that the romance included would be an after thought, but I was entirely wrong. The romance is clearly there, but at this juncture it is more of an affection than a romance, and it really appeals to me!

I love the fact that there were no unnecessary smiles, no sparkles or blushing “NANI!?”s. The main romantic relationship, from what I can tell, is being handled in a very realistic way, and as an adult I appreciate that. It isn’t the only important aspect, but I can already tell that its development is going to be obvious throughout the episodes.

Most of the main cast to which I’ve been introduced is around my own age, and so I find their characterization and motivation relateable. Kasahara is a believable and driven woman; she isn’t a distressing damsel or anyone’s “little flower.” She’s tough and she’s a soldier, but she’s emotional enough to connect with viewers; being a soldier shouldn’t have and didn’t equate with being a man in the creators’ eyes. Also, in addition to her competence, I praise her likability. It’s not unexpected seeing as it’s not a shoujo title, but they didn’t make her clumsy to make her cute, and that’s an added bonus.

This is all that I can really say for now as I begin watching this title, but I don’t anticipate disappointment in the slightest.


Have any of you seen “Toshokan Sensou?” (no spoilers, please!)

Keep on keeping on!




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