Watch Along: “Kiss Him, Not Me!” Ep. 2 (SUB)

I’m still not sure that I want to do this, and I need to get back to “Ouran,” but here we go anyway! I don’t promise to be insightful or articulate. This is real-time narration, an otaku rambling at it’s core. So…

“Kiss Him, Not Me!” Ep. 2, Begin!!

  • *starts watching anime* You know what, I’m going to get a glass of wine.
  • Alright, I’m back. There we go.
  • I still ship her with sleepy-looking-guy.
  • I hope cross-dressing best friend makes all the boys jealous.
  • That face she makes on the bed while shipping them still gets to me.
  • Oh my gosh. I’m laughing so hard. Their faces while she goes on about the key chain. All but ship-her-with guy (who I’ll now call sleepy guy for brevity) are just…I can’t even, I’m laughing so hard.
  • “She gave us anime character keychains,” says the anime character. “Who wants those!?” I mean…I won’t pretend I don’t have one or two…or four.
  • Good thing my hubs doesn’t care that I’m an otaku. ;P
  • Mean guy is such a jerk, for real.
  • Somehow, just somehow, I don’t think that knowledge of soccer-based sports anime qualifies as real soccer knowledge.
  • Dear gosh, one of them is sincere and suddenly they all must chime in.
  • “Should I coach you?” *sparkle sparkle* I’m ROLLING.
  • I think Nana (mean guy) has kinda given up on her, but I don’t think it will stick.
  • They’re already fighting.
  • I actually want her to win and be like, “Boom.”
  • 20 laps, I mean, I don’t blame the girl for being tired. *phew*
  • Real question, what is a reverse sit up?
  • Ten bucks says Kae can’t move after all that.
  • “Amazing. You look like a newborn fawn.” I JUST CAN NOT.
  • I was thinking, “Here comes the blush,” and…yeeeep, there it is.
  • Infirmary guy is sooo jelly.
  • I see feet, and I hear badmouthing. Nana’s gonna hear what the girls are saying about Kae and decide to help her out.
  • DUDE, I did not think he’d actually make his presence known and defend her. *whistle* Wow.
  • It’s kind of adorable how he’s like… “How did that happen?”
  • I love all the sparkly shots of her because it’s like you KNOW that it’s when the boys are going to fawn over her.
  • Aww, she looks so sad.
  • …”Ba-dump”…
  • I just love sleepy guy’s character. He’s so sweet.
  • The other boys don’t even begrudge Nana. They’re just happy to see them getting along. ❤
  • Curve. Ball.
  • I don’t even think that was the right term but OH WELL. GO, KAE, GO.
  • I mean, Nana is right to laugh. It is pretty funny.
  • …he did. Perf.
  • You can tell she’s going insane. Wonderful commentary.
  • Why do the other boys stare at nice sleepy guy like that?
  • “Teach us too, senapi.” *shakes head*
  • “I’m gonna catch up” even thought I was a jerk!
  • Gosh, I ship them so hard.
  • “meaning” “meaning”
  • Even in chibi form, sleepy guy is the most composed.
  • Why would he say, “heart?”
  • I hope her brother is home to give the boys hell.
  • “This is bad. Really bad.” Sane Kae reemerges.
  • She is so right about closets. Just stuff that junk in there. Ain’t nobody got time for that organizing nonsense.
  • The closet is going to explode and drown the guys in a sea of boy love. Just wait.
  • Nana’s imagination. *laughs and shakes head*
  • A) Some of the boys are still jerks and B) THE SHEETS THE SHEETS THE SHEETS. SHE SLEEPS ON SHION.
  • How in the heck did I remember her bishie’s name was Shion?
  • …the pants on her sheet bishie are unbuttoned and riding low. A mother let her teenage daughter own these?
  • …what are they about to find under the bed? O.O
  • *me, shrieking aloud in laughter* THE EYES
  • …oh. My gosh. It’s a shrine.
  • Her obsession has reached level “terrifying.”
  • “Doesn’t he look like Nana?” “Shut up! I’m not dead!”
  • I heard the footsteps and I knew SLEEPY COMES TO SAVE THE DAY AGAIN.
  • I highly doubt she’ll actually end up with someone in this title, but please, creators, please let it be Sleepy.
  • Oh, my God. He’s paying his respects to a fictional character. Boy is either just as odd as Kae or really has game. Maybe both.
  • I am literally holding my hand in front of the screen and only reading subtitles because of the cringe. Gotta stop that.
  • Yes, there’s the brother. Now it’s gonna get good.
  • A) He came to warn the BOYS! B) Those chibis. A+KISSHIM.png
  • *me, high pitched sqee-ing* HE CAUSED THE BOY LOVE AVALANCHE!
  • Sleepy guy is my fave. (I don’t care how many times I say it.)
  • If they tidy up the books, they’re going to see the covers…
  • Your collection of boy love is important to you, isn’t it? I just love Sleepy.
  • *makes face like looking at a baby* Sleepy is just so cuuuute. *gets serious* Now kiss her.
  • Awww, that’s his way of apologizing. ❤
  • We all know the pool is an excuse for swimsuits and then Sleepy is just like, “Let’s go to this castle.” No, you know what? No. Sleepy is BOSS and I don’t care about anything else. Game over. Get with sleepy, Kae. Be award and awesome together. Be Shia and just do it.
  • The end credits say “I ❤ BL.” *shakes head*

I’m SO glad I did that. This show is first rate when it comes to hilarity. Keep on keepin’ on and watch along with me?

‘Til next time!


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