My First Yandere: “What have you done!?!?”

It’s fairly safe to say that an anime viewer, regardless of their preference in genre, will at some point be exposed to the baffling, fascinating conundrum of a yandere.

The yandere will, if stumbled upon in its natural habitat, appear kindly, supportive, and cheerful at first. Don’t be fooled–unless you want to end up in a drugged stupor, tucked away in the yandere’s apartment as they protect you from the outside world, and locked in cage full of plushies if you try to escape their loving care…

No? Just me? Well, moving on then.

My first yandere experience was an explosion of emotion and a repeated aloud chorus of, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY? WHAT? BECAUSE THIS IS SO ILLEGAL!” etc.

*”Amnesia” spoilers below*

My first yandere is Toma from “Amnesia: Memories.”

To be honest, he’s been my only yandere, but he was very well contrived in that he did exactly what I’d assume a good yandere is supposed to do; he shocked me silly.

He’s basically normal–wonderful even–for 8 of the 12 episodes. He’s endearing, helpful, and seemingly even loving.

He does, in that 8th episode, slowly start to become more possessive, but with the circumstances surrounding the heroine, it doesn’t raise a single red flag.

Until, quite suddenly, it does.

Toma goes from 0 to 60 SCARY in a heartbeat, and we are left scratching our heads as to how this character we’ve grown so fond of has become…suddenly insane.

I don’t think a good yandere is funny. I don’t think that a “yandere simulator” is an amusing game. I think that you’re supposed to be shocked and dismayed and left wondering if every small instance of possessiveness was supposed to be a warning that you were too blind to heed until…

And I now know that I like a good, romantic yandere–

–but definitely not for the reasons that I’ve seen from most anime viewers.

I’m not attracted. I’m fascinated.

Toma Yandere.jpg

What do you think? What was your first experience with a yandere?
Until next time,

9 thoughts on “My First Yandere: “What have you done!?!?”

  1. I like Yandere characters. I find them interesting, but I do see why they are bad to romanticize over. Actually, Toma from the game didn’t bother me much. I kind of figured before hand he was a Yandere. Other otome games have yandere characters, too.


    1. See, I haven’t played the game yet (though I really want to!). Is it good? Is it worth the $30 on steam? On a scale of 1 to Hakuouki (10)?
      Have you watched the anime? In the anime, Toma had me totally fooled for like 8 episodes. I really liked Toma. Then poof! I kept yelling at the screen, wondering why he became crazy. Eventually, I realized I had discovered my first yandere.
      Romanticizing a yandere is kind of like romanticizing the Joker from Batman. Fascinating character, but in no way healthy to be in a relationship with.

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  2. When I got Toma’s bad ending I was so traumatized! I’d never knew what a Yandere was either so I was really really really surprised! LOL
    My second Yandere was Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger – he’s kinda like Toma – but Toma I would say is much more extreme! When MC kept falling asleep at Toma’s place I was like..he wouldn’t drug us…would he?! Then my assumption was right! T_T I loved Toma – but my gosh he’s so twisted! I kept wondering why he turned out so crazy! I still wonder why! 😦 I’m still playing through Amnesia: Memories. I’ve only gotten ONE good ending and that’s with Shin using a walkthrough. I’ve gotten both of Toma’s bad endings. Ikki’s bad endings, and Kent’s normal ending. T_T. I’m also playing Hakuoki – is there a Yandere there too!? I really wish that they hadn’t chosen Toma as the insane one! 😦

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    1. IT IS SO SHOCKING, RIGHT? RIGHT? WHO does that? I liked him as a character too and then…dude. Like…DUDE.

      Okay, sorry, calming down now. *sees the word “Hakuouki”* NOPE, nope, not calming down yet!

      DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON HAKUOUKI OR YOU WILL BE HERE ALL NIGHT. I ❤ "Hakuouki" as an anime (ALL it's seasons and incarnations, especially with ANDREW LOVE voice acting Hijikata *dies*) AND as a game. All I really want is a PS Vita so I can play the new Kyoto Winds incarnation!!!

      But, getting away from the excessive fangirling and back to your question, no, there are no yandere in "Hakuouki." I won't pretend that you won't find a tsundere, though… *hehe*

      Okay, so spoiler free please but I must ask: is telling the boys about your amnesia even an available option, or will you loose the game.? Do they even offer that chance?

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      1. ?? Have you played amnesia? Now I’m confused..but spoiler free – I think it depends on your relationship with the character. And I think it becomes an option for certain routes. Theres one route I can think of right now that it doesn’t pop up – but then again I haven’t gotten a lot of positive endings. LOL.

        YASSSS I want a PS Vita for all the Otome games evar!! LOL. I only made it through Okita’s storyline, and I got the good ending I was ready to call my life complete with that sweet ending. LOL But still have everyone else to finish!! Is the anime spoiler free?? I had a friend tell me to stay away from amnesia’s anime till I finish ALL routes. lol.


      2. The “Amnesia” anime is probably a spoilerfest, no doubt. But that’s okay with me; I loved it.

        No, see, I have not played the game. I specified “Amnesia: Memories” on the blog because there are so many other anime options with potentially similar titles and the anime is based around that first otome game, even if the subtitle is not official on the anime (since there is only one season).

        I AM going to buy it soon and play it over the Christmas break, though. I’m quite excited. 😀

        Also, I too finished Okita’s good ending (so bittersweet!) and one of his bad endings, and I enjoyed the route, but I’m not gonna lie; Harada was potentially my fave. In the anime, too. He’s such a good character in both the game and anime. Have you seen the anime?

        If you have or have not, we still need to geek out about it.

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      3. I have not watched Hakuoki because I’m afraid of spoilers! LOL. But okita – good ending – did…he die…? in my arms? He just fell asleep so suddenly!! LOL Yes there’s another Amnesia game that is a horror game. LOL. I also purposely got Okita’s bad endings to get all the images. LOL. I’m currently working thru Heisuke’s route. I haven’t been able to power thru the stories lately. work’s been hectic! But we shall geek out about it when I do finally watch it!


      4. (I feel the hectic work thing. Yuck.)

        Okay, just let me know because I am ready for that! I think I’ll make a post sometime about watch order for all the “Hakuouki” media soon, since there are multiple “correct” watch orders and I’m a huge nerd about the show. 😛

        And just, by the way, I watched the anime before I played the game. Turns out, it is kind of a combination route of all the possibilities in the game. (It neglects Heisuke’s route a bit, though, except in the movies.) Mostly follows Hijikata, though. I won’t spoiler anything, so I’m gonna stop here! lol

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