Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 8 (DUB) –“VLOG! PODCAST?”

Blogger’s Note:

This Watch Along is a first! I had a guest with me today, my friend “Ginger.” I decided to do something a bit different to accommodate our mutual commentary, and Ginger was a great sport. Ginger isn’t super into anime like I am, so…well, just watch and see! How can you not love Ouran?

Let me know what you think! Is it a podcast? Is it a vlog? Well, it’s all Ouran so I guess it doesn’t really matter! It’s going to be something new, that’s for sure. Following along with the action should be easy as the Ouran background audio is quite clear, making it simple to know which moments garner which reactions without the usage of time stamps or screenshots.

We’ve recorded two tonight, but I’ll leave this one here for now!

Without further ado…

The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!

[Spoilers Ahoy!]




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