Shoujothoughts on Twitter?

Hey guys. A fellow blogger once suggested that I might want to get into Twitter. Twitter has never interested me in the past, but I’ve taken the leap today because it gives me the chance to say random things that pop into my head like:

“Only one appropriate nickname for me: Mermaid Princess,”

…without having to write a whole blog about it.

Tamaki gif.gif

So, you know, follow me if you want. Leave a comment if you want me to follow you. Let’s do this, right? Right. Can’t guarantee I’ll be super active, but it’s happening and we shall see if it’s my thing or not. Tweets are short; if you’ve read my blog, have you ever known me to be brief? ;P

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2 thoughts on “Shoujothoughts on Twitter?

  1. XDD, well I guess if you can’t be a real princess then a mermaid princess it is. It worked for Ariel after all :P. Followed on twitter too :D.

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