Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 6 (DUB)

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The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!

[Spoilers Ahoy!]

  • Kiss kiss fall in love! (Reality time: I find myself saying in sing-song “Kiss Kiss” followed by some random action or question in my real life. For example, “Kiss Kiss Where’s my phone?”
  • Man, it’s been too long.
  • Tama bae.
  • If only it was acceptable to sing this song aloud everywhere I went.
  • Does Caitlin Glass (Haruhi) sing this song in the dub? -To the Internet!-
  • “And with one kiss, we could stop time and I’d fall in love with you.” ♡♡♡
  • The backgrounds are so pretty.
  • Hello, random child.
  • The music mentor’s face is not bishounen.
  • Okay, adorable kid alert!
  • He’s gonna grow up into a heart breaker. Fast forward seven years and give him a show in which he is surrounded by the next installment of our annoying host club.
  • Looking into a future where he breaks a vase and gets settled with a debt of 8 million yen.Ouran - Ep 6 Looking into the future.png
  • Never used, my butt.
  • Wait for itttt……
  • Rose petals–oh my gosh, it’s Aladdin!ouran-ep-6-its-aladdin
  • “What’s wrong, little boy? Did you come to my palace in search of something?” His acting; ROLLING.ouran-ep-6-my-palace
  • Tamaki eyes! “Someone finally reference to me as King! Yes!!”
  • “Come closer, lost one.” Stop before I bust a gut, Tamaki.
  • “What was it you just called me, little boy?” Okay, so I can’t type out this WHOLE conversation, but it clearly wins all the prizes.ouran-ep-6-all-the-prizes
  • His EYES!!!
  • Tamaki is making too many great faces to screen shot them all.
  • I love Tamaki’s “guest voice.” I mean, it’s so soft and suave and then you compare it to his real tones and you’re like… this is just too much, Tama. 😛 ♡ The best part is that he takes himself 100% seriously. I mean, really seriously. This is so very worth while for him that the voice he’s using isn’t even put on in this context.
  • Yes, he’s too young to be a host. Sheesh.
  • Okay, so where is he going to relate this line… Oh, my gosh. “Suddenly, I feel no different than a love sick little boy.” Smooth, Tama.
  • There could be a drinking game where every time someone in the series says, “Oh, Tamaki!” everyone takes a shot, but I think even the “heaviest weight” of drinkers would end up hospitalized before the end of the first season.
  • “Tamaki seems to live by that theory.”
  • “…light into my lonely sea. My mermaid princess.” MY MERMAID PRINCESS. Oh, gosh, stop. Too much, too much.ouran-ep-6-light-into-my-lonely-sea
  • That escalated quickly.ouran-ep-6-carp
  • Oh my gosh. Tamaki is trying SO hard to make this better and is only serving to make them worse. He’s finally like a real man! (Don’t throw things at me!)
  • “Tamaki, you’re an idiot!” “No, wait! Mermaid princess!”
  • I feel like Tamaki so rarely gets mad at anyone but the twins.ouran-ep-6-so-rarely-gets-mad
  • Two snickering twins come in to save the day (from my almost exclusively Tama-centric posting.)
  • Kaoru is always submissive.
  • “Look! They’re doing it!” Roflololol
  • I’m dying. “THEY’RE HOMOS!”ouran-ep-6-theyre-homos
  • Mori shows up and Shiro goes, “Oh, $**t!”
  • “Are you a cross dresser?”ouran-ep-6-oh-no
  • It’s not my fault I ran over someone. It’s the car dealer’s fault for selling me the car.
  • ♡ those changing art stylesouran-ep-6-changing-art-styles
  • “This is supposed to be a music room, right?” Yeah, but it’s never stopped them before.
  • Okay… you’re a little young to make a woman happy. Like, in a host capacity I mean. I’m sure you make your mom very happy.
  • Haruhi’s soft eyes.ouran-ep-6-soft-eyes
  • Get Tamaki to do ANYTHING by calling him a genius.
  • Kitty mouth.
  • For one second, I thought he was going to say, “Making women happy is the soul purpose of my existence.”
  • SUDDENLY KYOYA strikes againouran-ep-6-suddenly-kyoya
  • …the types, the types!!!!
  • So…which trope types do you guys like best…?
  • AND here is the show’s ultimate otaku here to explain types again…
  • Kyoya taking notes like:ouran-ep-6-kyoya-taking-notes
  • Shorts! …okay.
  • HOW can she squeal over THAT?
  • Who voices Renge? -To the Internet!-
  • I knew I’d heard that voice before! Monica Rail (Renge) is also Mey-Rin in Black Butler, Himemiko of the Swamp in Kamisama Hajimemashita, Yu Kashima in Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Bulma in some DBZ movies and DB Kai, and Misuzu in Air among other roles!!
  • “I’ve had enough of you people!” Well, so has Haruhi, and yet there she is trudging along.
  • Haruhi bringing some heartfelt understanding to the group.
  • The plan is going according to plan. You know, just not the plan that you were thinking about, Haru-chan.ouran-ep-6-the-plan
  • Those eyes.
  • A DAMN good reason. Roflolol
  • Honey basically frolics.
  • “Haruhi’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen~~” lol
  • It has only now just hit me how much shorter than everyone (minus Honey-sempai) she is.
  • Tamaki heart strings have been activated. It is only a matter of time now.
  • This whole show is just so cute.
  • I know he doesn’t mean anything by it but he’s basically wooing a ten year old to get information.
  • Intensity is intense.
  • Kidnapping.ouran-ep-6-intensity-is-intense
  • The music is beautiful.
  • Tamaki heartfelt music.
  • “When you care for someone, you must find the courage to express what is in your heart.” ♡ Tamaki, remember your own advice later, down the line.
  • A full fledged man.ouran-ep-6-a-full-fledged-man
  • (The animation angles are so perfect.)
  • The hosts are so quietly happy. Another moment where we learn a little more about the club’s deep respect for Tamaki.
  • It’s a wedding.
  • At the risk of making this sound less serious than I intend it, for I am quite serious about this pair, indeed; I ship them so hard that I could cry. Beautiful little moments in this anime.♡♡♡ouran-ep-6-why-yesouran-ep-6-shipppouran-ep-6-shippp2
  • LITTLE PLAYER. I’m dying.ouran-ep-6-little-player
  • I run and run a thousand miles… ♡♡

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