As I…*Look! BLACK BUTLER MUSIC I CAN’T*…calmly sit?

As I sit during a break in class and peruse the Internet for well-written, clean, emotionally evocative fanfiction, I think to you potentially shoujo-loving blog readers. What are you doing right now? Are you chilling in your room? Having a random livingroom dance party? Are you watching anime? (I wish I was. Ouran High school Host Club, I need to unwind with you and a roll of sushi! 🍣🍣 Maybe some sake? *red wine, wink wink?* Nah, the sushi will totally do.)

Well, if you’re bored and searching and not currently engaged against your will in class, here’s something you can do! Watch THIS awesome English cover of “Aoki Tsuki Michite” by Akira. It’s the ending theme from Black Butler: Book of Circus. The original is awesome and this cover…

…it’s amazing! Such talent!

So…maybe we should all go tell the artists how radical they are? Or sleep, if you need to sleep, because I could use some of that too and it’s kiiiiindaaa~~ important.

But way less fun.

Until our next Watch Along! \(°.°\) (/^-^)/

-Shoujothoughts ☆♢☆♢♡

#BlackButler #music #Akira

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