Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 5 (DUB)

Note: I began writing this blog on Thursday night. Looking back, I had typed out a highly comical introduction explaining that I had the time to watch Ouran and so I chose to do so and blog instead of sleep (which probably would have been smart, in retrospect) or watch Kamisama Kiss Kako-hen Ep. 4 (“GO WATCH IT,” I said. “NO, BUT SERIOUSLY THIS WILL TOTALLY BE A WATCH ALONG.”) and fangirl over its awesome. (This is roughly where I had said, “NO. BUT SERIOUSLY, GO WATCH IT; I WILL WAIT.)

The whole intro was pretty memorable, to be honest, as I begged your forgiveness for the who knew what that would come out of my mouth (…hands?…), and said whatever came to mind about promising you virtual cookies. But, alas, my computer has lost it. Again, *sigh* alas. So, here is right minded, somewhat less tired, far less dehydrated  (yeah, that happened) Shoujothoughts writing a new into to explain these things. Luckily, my actual Watch Along was saved on my phone. I make no promises that it will not be random in the extreme. As stated, I was pretty tired/dehydrated. It could have been a riot… I’m not going back to edit for content. Guess we’ll see. :p Without further ado…

“The Twins Fight!”


  • Literal sway dancing to this catchiness. Gosh, been too long.
  • Squee for the garden of romance. I want a freaking garden of romance.
  • “IN A BEAUTIFUL SPRING” *does Broadway-style hand motions*
  • Phew, okay, that’s done.
  • Why are Ouran children so adorable?
  • I’m not even going to make the obligatory “Do you want to build a snowman?” reference. Wait, does this count? Dang it…
  • Man twins, those eyes. Expressionless.
  • That little girl left her eyes at home today.
  • Thank goodness for normal sized Hitachiins; at least their eyes are full of mischief again.
  • Those proper little claps, though.
  • “I just don’t understand why the two of you are so popular.” Tell ’em, girl. *dies*
  • (Man, I died early in this episode.)
  • “Listen up.” This’ll be good.
  • “Having a couple of good looking guys with homosexual tendencies earns the club high points.” I can’t, I can’t.
  • This whole narration. “Our relationship is taboo.” I am laughing and vaguely feel like I might vomit at the same time.
  • “Besides, who hasn’t fantasized about twins.” OKAY STOP NOW BEFORE I BUST A GUT.
  • That smarm.ouran-ep-5-that-smarm
  • The fainting girl on the couch.
  • “Hikaru, Kaoru!” Man, Tamaki sounds like Edward Elric right there.
  • “We take our job very seriously, boss.”ouran-ep-5-we-take-our-job-very-seriously
  • It’s basically pornographic.
  • I mean, boom shakalacka, right? Well, I mean, no, but still.ouran-ep-5-i-mean-boom-shakalacka
  • Nice, Honey. Or, as Honey would say, “Nice, Haru-chan.”
  • If Kyoya was scribbling notes in the background, this would perfectly sum up all of the host club’s personalities.ouran-ep-5-sums-up-there-personalities-perfectly
  • I just love Tamaki’s voice.
  • Gosh, they look so lecherous, lol.
  • The villain eyebrows!
  • Like, if naked pictures were going to happen, that’s exactly how they’d go down.
  • Excuse me. (Bless me, I sneezed.)
  • The whispering of “Fancy Tuna~~”ouran-ep-5-fancy-tuna
  • No, of course it wasn’t photo shopped, Tamaki; why else would Haruhi look just like a man? *rolls eyes*
  • What the h-e-double hockey sticks just flew across the screen and how have I never noticed it before?
  • Do you want to model fancy negligees for me, my dear?
  • I totally looked up how to spell negligee.
  • Float away, Tama. Float away.
  • Oooh. “You’re our toy.” Oooh.
  • “You want a toy? Toys, toys…” okay, but that is creepy and the slightest bit attractive in vocal tone. (Not content.) Judge me not? I can’t be the only one who heard it.
  • How have I never noticed that Nekozawa-sempi has a nice voice?
  • Haru: “Why is he talking to us through a crack in the door?” Twins: “And has that door always been there?” I’M DYING AGAIN.
  • Creepy Tama.
  • Those fingers.
  • Arrow? Hmm…
  • I love how this one is how it actually happened and not a production of Tamaki’s mind theatre. Like, he’s grounded in reality for once.
  • Demon eyes.ouran-ep-5-tamakis-face
  • A) J Michael Tatum is amazing. B) I love the relationship between Kyoya and Tama-chan.
  • I cannot tell you how many times my phone has corrected “Tama-chan” to “Taman change.”
  • I will never get tired of hearing “Beelzenef the Curse Doll.”
  • Tama’s little tiny pinky fingers!
  • (I have so many notes and we haven’t even hit the main plot. Is that okay?)
  • -☆☆(THIS is where I had to stop because my head hurt so bad, etc. That whole lack of fluids thing explains the vague nausea, anyway! What is water? I pick this bad boy back up NOW, Saturday night, after a long day of moving and cleaning. New houuuussseee.)☆☆-
  • His head is ginormousss~~
  • I never noticed the sweat drop had a sound effect.
  • No way in HELL,Sempai. 😛
  • The way the twins quietly exhale their breath in a very shocked way is a nice touch. This moment is a lot more for them than they (and the comedy at this point) might let on. Their mitten-ed hands shaking really cements that something pivotal has changed between even them. And, regardless of how this episode ends, that will be a big deal later in the series.)ouran-ep-5-shaking-hands
  • They continue to look so genuinely shocked as the club’s girls go on about not being able to tell them apart. They just can’t fathom that Haruhi actually knows how to look at them and see individuals rather than a unit.
  • *Kaoru laughs* And so it begins…
  • Those angles. Very intense.
  • “Admit it, Hikaru. You’re actually in love with Haruhi.” No spoilers here, but OH SH*T.
  • This moment!ouran-ep-5-what
  • “There are some things in this world that must never be said!!” Bahaha!
  • “How dare you…racoon dog!” I can’t. This whole conversation. 10/10
  • Three bowls of rice! “Butt out, outaku.” Hahaha!
  • “Oh, I do, but I have no problem with Haruhi having a homosexual relationship on the side.” X-D 😂😂😂😂😂 THIS IS TOO MUCH!
  • The fangirls really get that much swoonage out of the brothers fighting…? Nope. Can’t understand it.
  • And then one moves and SUDDENLY KYOYA just standing there. That should be a meme. “SUDDENLY…KYOYA!” (Everyone should make their best “Suddenly Kyoya” meme and put it in the comments. Too fun. :p)
  • “SEX PIXIE!” *dies again*
  • Flamingo pink. 🐩🐷🐽
  • Aww jeez. Blue. 🐳🐋🐟
  • Have I mentioned before that I love this art style?
  • And honey goes flying!!ouran-ep-5-honey-goes-flying
  • And the girls are thinging “babesss~~~~” 😛 lolouran-ep-5-babes
  • Okay, but Honey is a bit annoying here.
  • “You’re just making it worse. Leave them alone.”
  • This image.Ouran -Ep 5 this image.png
  • Tama’s puppy tail.
  • Haruhi ♡ Food = the ultimate ship
  • What is that, pudding?
  • That mumble. “Quit butting in; get lost, Kaoru.” Too funny–
  • –both of them go flying by! I can’t take it.ouran-ep-5-both-of-them-go-flying-by
  • Tamaki really is bae.
  • I love how Kyoya can make everything Haruhi’s fault.
  • How does preschool work in Japan?
  • Hiakru assertion that begins with being sick of seeing his brother’s face when he looks in the mirror is actually really intense.
  • Wow. This escalated quickly.
  • I only noticed as I screenshot it that all their eyes are like that. Perfect.
  • *Twins smile slowly. I smile slowly.* Eeeeeexcellenttt…
  • Haruhi’s turn. “…What?”
  • Not gonna lie. Attractive poses. 10/10 hosting, guys.ouran-ep-5-not-gonna-lie
  • OH GOSH, NOT ANYMORE *rolls eyes*ouran-ep-5-not-anymore
  • My reaction when Kaoru mournfully goes “Hikaru~~”ouran-ep-5-my-reaction
  • Their world has just gotten a little bit bigger. And Kaoru knows it. ♡ouran-ep-5-bigger-world
  • Perfect. ♡♡♡

So…were you guys as touched by the ending as I was, or is it just because I know how all this ends?

And…you know, am really tired?

Until next time,



One thought on “Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 5 (DUB)

  1. Karandi says:

    The twins definitely became my favourite characters when I rewatched this series so this episode is one of my favourites as it really begins introducing the viewer to the differences betweeh the brothers.
    Thanks for sharing.


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