More Shoujo Thoughts are Coming~~~!

It’s been soooooooo long, my internet fellows!


Well, maybe not that long, but you catch my drift. It’s been longer than usual.

You have my sincerest apologies for the long wait. Between moving, starting a new job, beginning school, and the like, I am just gone~!! *falls asleep standing up*

BUT FEAR NOT, OURAN LOVERS. The Watch Along for episode five is coming this weekend!


Dang straight, Im ready!

And, in the mean time, look at me! Relaxing with multi-colored lettering…

-Ever your humble (and busy!) anime blogger,


*From “The Wallflower,” which we will totally get to on this blog

**From “UtaPri,” which might kill me not to Watch Along 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤ Can you tell from the multicolored writing that UtaPri makes me excited? lol

#anime #ouran #ouranhighschoolhostclub #UtaPri #Wallflower


PS–Is anyone else having the issue that their webpages are not appearing right in that the images and backgrounds they’ve customized for said page are not present? Is it just me? It’s fine on mobile…

3 thoughts on “More Shoujo Thoughts are Coming~~~!

  1. Hey welcome back to the blogging world :D. Just a quick question; do you have a twitter, if not you should xDD.


    1. Hehe. This is my place to fangirl freely. I can’t give that up, now can I? 😛
      I don’t have a Twitter. I guess I just never got into the whole thing. Never even explored it, really. Though that is the big thing now, I suppose. Do you tweet?

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