Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 3 (DUB)

“Beware the Physical Exam!”

[Spoilers Ahoy!] -and lots of screenshots this time! I couldn’t resist!

  • I love this theme song TOO much.
  • The cherry blossoms are so prett—THAT INTRO. Oh, Tamaki, at least you know that you all have way too much time on your hands.
  • “Welcome, ladies!” Soft smile for the sweet goofiness that is OHSOH.
  • “So in what cup would my princess like her tea…?” I’m thinking, “She wants to drink it from your mouth!” Also, “Suzy Cooper Gardenia”–lol
  • Clearly a tea cup does not compare to a princess. That is what you say.
  • “Kaoru!” Let the hilarity begin. The faces of those girls. Then the twins change animation style in the background. A+. I’m surprised that the long haired girl isn’t spouting a nose bleed like Sunako from “The Wallflower.” 😛
  • Beauty is fleeting; let me sell you picture books for $19.95.-Kyoya
  • “Well, now we know how the club makes extra money. But I have to wonder…/…When did he take pictures of us?” That lack of concern.
  • Oh, my goodness. The drama. “Mitsukuni, you over did it.” The horror, the horror!
  • Haruhi: “Oh, wow, Senpai. You’re blooming in more ways than one.” yourebloomingTamaki: “You noticed!”
  • Tamaki: “Say, Mommy dear?” Kyoya: “What is it now, Daddy?”whatisitnowdaddy A) That line is hilarious. B) After hearing Kyoya’s voice actor ( J. Michael Tatum) talk about the trouble he had keeping that line sounding clean, it just made it even more funny.
  • Haruhi: Who are you calling ‘Daddy?’
  • This imagethisimage
  • Kanji for ‘naked’ and roses in the background. *chokes on laughter*
  • They all look so horrified at the thought of Haruhi being exposed as a woman and then there are Kyoya and Mori. Kyoya- scribbes in notebook, Mori serious face says, *not letting that happen, no way*
  • Tamaki’s mind theatre!!
  • Tamaki is a awesome. I am torn between laughing at all his overly romantic lines and loving every single one in reality. If I were an anime character, I’d probably be a Tamaki because he means well and has a good heart, but he’s also ridiculous and is ALL DRAMA, ALL THE TIME. ♡
  • Haru: “I’m in love-love with you Tamaki-sempai!” Tama: “Oh, you!”ohyou
  • OKAY, THIS is one of the best bits that Ouran does. It breaks the 4th wall and makes fun of itself in the best ways. Tama: “This anime is obviously a romantic school comedy! Haruhi and I are the main characters, so that means we are love interests.” romanticschoolcomedyTwins: “Yeah, then what are we?” homosexualsupportingcastTama: “You boys are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure that you don’t step across this line.”
  • Honey’s deformed hand?
  • Someone would declare their undying love for her at least ONCE A MONTH?
  • Tamaki: “So please, promise you’ll stay our beloved secret princess!” Haru: *blink blink* “Sure.”
  • Man, Haruhi can be obtuse. Yes, dear, your debt. THAT is obviously why they care.
  • Fancy. Tuna.     Mori is clearly a genious. Just when you think he doesn’t really care.
  • The host club members’ faces as she is denying being a glutton are great.
  • Cosplay.whyarehoney
  • Kyoya is suspicious…curious? Yeah, more curious. To be suspicious, he’d have to actually care about what the man was doing there.
  • The roses and sparkles. *laughing*theroses
  • Even Honey in the background is going, “WHAT?”
  • Kyoya: “Physical exam day is quite popular with the ladies.” Haruhi: “What’s wrong with three girls at this school?” Me: *laughs so hard that Teddy Gram starts to go down wrong pipe*
  • Those boys. Oh, my jeez. Toying with my body. Oh, jeez. *wheeze laughing* *dies*
  • *recessitated because Tama-chan has been waiting for his princess*
  • Tama-drama
  • I’m kind of internal fangirling when he says that he will protect her. No lie. It makes my heart a little squishy.
  • Is Tamaki cosplaying as Haruhi? *dies*
  • Demon eyes.
  • Special boys clinic. ;P Haruhi is definitely a…special?…boy.
  • “I JUST DON’T THINK I’M SUPPORTING CAST, HOMOSEXUAL OR OTHERWISE.” -I feel like there should be a wink there! This is hilarious because J. Michael Tatum (Kyoya voice) is gay, and Kyoya is firmly main cast. Also, Tatum’s PERSONAL  (not author’s opinion, just the way Tatum played him) take on Kyoya is that the character is actually gay.
  • Tamaki is eroding away! ;p This is the clip that my anime-hating husband saw and actually agreed to start watching Ouran. 😛
  • “Do you think it was a pervert?” looooool
  • “Tell me, miss, did you happen to catch where the pervert doctor was headed?” Looooooooooooool
  • “HARUHI!”
  • “Tama-chan kick!!!” YES.
  • 1. Good looks that attract the public eye. 2. More wealth than you can imagine. (Kyoya looks so freaking bad a$$ here.) 3. Chivalry that will never be able to over look…/ the hideous wickedness of this world. 4. THAT’S WHAT MAKES UP THE OURAN HOST CLUB!thatswhatmakesup “WE ARE HERE. WATCH OUT.”
  • Haruhi is in such shock. Like….what just happened?
  • Yabu means “quack”-had to look that one up
  • Yabu’s mind theatre
  • Pelted by rain, and mistaken for a pervert.
  • THAT’S SO TRAGIC!!! Hehe
  • And Tamaki does good again ♡
  • Haruhi: “HEY, DON’T TOUCH ME THERE!!” Twins: “Red card! Looks like Tamaki-sempai/ is the real pervert!”
  • 🎶”BUM BUM BUM/ BUM BUM BUM! I run and run a thousand miles….!”🎶

    Well, episode 3 is over! I could just not resist including all the screen shots in this post, so my apologies if they became excessive. 😛 This show is one of the best I’ve ever seen. 100/10, and this isn’t even the best episode!

    What do you think?

-Shoujothoughts (or shojothoughts, still working that one out)

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