Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 2 (DUB)

“The Job of a High school Host!”

[Spoilers Ahoy!]

  • Like, why isn’t real life a garden of romance?
  • Ah, the song is called “Sakura Kiss” and there is a LONG version, guys…Here’s a great cover by someone I don’t know! :p
  • Guys. Guys. MALE COVER. Wait…it’s not a real guy singing. Someone turned the original into a guy cover using the computer… I thought it sounded kind of feminine at the beginning. How do I feel about this?
  • In my quest to find that illusive male cover, I found out that Tamaki’s voice actors SINGS. Clearly this news requires a post of it’s own. So BACK TO OURAN.
  • Oh, jeez. They imported a rain forest. Mori’s smile looks so goofy in the formation of theirs.
  • Tropical forest. Whatever.
  • I’m laughing out loud. HONEY AND MORI SPRINTING IN THE BACKGROUND. I CAN’T.ouran2
  • Kyoya, you hilarious jerk. You got a problem with this? Careful what you say; you owe us moneyyyy….
  • “Gentlemen don’t bundle up in bulky clothing.” No, they parade around topless to amuse girls wh—wait! Hikaru and Kaoru’s faces there! This twincest is not wincest, but it is hilarious since it’s just a big act (making fun of that nasty incest thing that happens in some animus that I avoid like the plague) to fool girls.
  • Honey and Mori still sprinting in the background. I swear, my fave.
  • Do I even need to note the things Tamaki says, or can we just assume that I find them all hilarious?
  • Dat intro: Ouran’s elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful
  • “But I really wanted to spend some alone time with you, Kaoru.” -laughing again
  • “Don’t be upset Hikaru. I know exactly how you feel.” -I thought I was done laughing. Nope. Those girls at their table are dying and I’m rolling.
  • “Showing some skin proves popular with the ladies.” Oh, you don’t say, Kyoya?
  • “So he’s the real brains behind the operation.” Yeah, Haruhi, basically. The Shadow King and all that.
  • Haruhi, I would be worried if you were NOT throughly confused by the two of them.
  • “Aren’t you going to wear a tropical outfit like the other boys?” “I’d like to see that.” – So casual about wanting to see Haruhi is a state of partial dress. Too funny.
  • “You know ladies, I think it’s so cute when you dream like that.” I love how Haruhi became a playa overnight.
  • Okay, random tea cups. Okay.
  • I hadn’t seen any of “Fullmetal Alchemist” the first time I watched this, but I’ll be darned if Tamaki didn’t sound just like Edward when he said, “I can’t take this anymore.”
  • The Illness. I love how it’s a sickness.
  • Tono: “MAMA! Haruhi is using those dirty boy words again!!” Kaoru:”I’m sorry, but who is ‘Mama’?” Kyoya: “Based on club position, I assume it’s me.”
  • “Hate to chance the subject, but do you have formal dance experience? You’ll need it at the party.” I love causally blunt Hikaru.
  • Demon eyes.
  • ~8:43 Honey and Mori do spinning by in the background. Again, my fave.
  • Emo Tama makes me sad.
  • Tamaki looks up from the wall. WHAT DOES TAMAKI KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW??
  • The music means she is in love. ♡
  • Oh, gee. He loves her too.
  • Yes, Haruhi, now you get it.
  • Now the lonely tea cup ride makes sense.
  • Kyoya knows everything.
  • ALL those girls and only seven boys.
  • A PASSIONATE kiss on the cheek. I’m rolling!!
  • Takashi makes me laugh. Just. He’s so serious like all the time. Even just looking over Kyoya’s shoulder, with a small man child on his shoulders like a spider monkey.
  • When the HECK did Tamaki become a GYMNIST??
  • “GET SOME FANCY TUNA HERE RIGHT NOW!” – Sometimes I don’t need to say anything. Sometimes their words are enough.
  • Just being abducted by demons while a model-esque seventeen year old poses self-satisfiedly in the background, don’t mind me.
  • ~15:12 Awwwww! Tamakins is in love.
  • “My face feels heavy.”
  • “I’M IN LOVE LOVE!!!!!” That giggle. Omgosh.
  • I’m laughing out loud. Collaborative piece.
  • Oh, babies. 🙂 But that little boy has a not little boy voice. Rofl.
  • This back and forth monologue between the teacup heir and his fiance is actually really touching.
  • PEIRCED BY THE ARROW….of love? :p
  • “It’s our responsibility as members of the elite Ouran Host Club to make every girl happy.”tamachan
  • Why is Konoko (spelling?) making all those upset anime girl noises? This is a good thing. She acts like she’s surprised. But then again, I guess she didn’t know that he was still into her. I wonder how they had their falling out in the first place, how they went from arranged-to-be-married little kids to…that awkward disconnect ?
  • Are the twins eating bananas?
  • Awwww. Disney.
  • Possibly my favorite line of the WHOLE series and so very quotable, “May this awkward couple be forever blessed!”tamakins
  • Aaarrrrooowwwsss…..
  • It’s just on the cheek, right? You should accept it to commemorate all the flirting you did with other men just to make me jealous. 😀

-Until next time-



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Note: My upload times are currently inaccurate of the finished product because I upload unfinished blogs so that I can alternate composing them on my phone and on the computer. 😉


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