Vic Mignogna is an Idol; Tamaki Suoh SINGS?

You will see that, in the watch along for Ouran Ep. 2, I got a little side tracked by awesome anime music….well….

In my quest to find a real male cover of Ouran’s opening theme,”Sakura Kiss,” I accidentally stumbled upon this gem. Hold on to your hats, boys and girls. I kid you not. I KID YOU NOT. Here comes Tamaki Suoh (Vic Mignogna) singing a SONG OF HIS OWN COMPOSITION. (Apparently the guy admittedly writes and sings his own music based on anime characters that he has portrayed!?)

Get this. The song is called Je N’ai Pas De Mots, and I’m dying a little from my overwhelming fangirling. Guys, guys, it’s so beautiful. Vic Mignogna is a real talent in more ways than one!

Ouran fans will immediately understand how this song is a perfect fit with Tama-chan. Vic did so, so well. Those of you who are new to the Host Club will understand all too well by the end of the series why this song is just amazing. ❤

Plus, it isn’t much of a spoiler to say that Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh also plays piano and speaks French, as apparently does Vic.

Regarding some of his songs, Vic has flat out stated that “this” song belongs to “this” character, but I have yet to find the official word on the following video. More research is required, but the general fandom conscientious (and my own gut) makes it seem rather indicative.

EDIT 8/15: It seems that this song was written in 1992. Thus, it is not directly about Tamaki. It still fits him, though. ;P All other information is accurate.

When you watch it, there won’t be a doubt in your mind. ❤

Two videos are included, the official spoiler free version, and one of the many Ouran fan AMVs (the choice I personally prefer).

Here’s the spoiler free video!

Video with Ouran clips!


There’s also another, more humorous dip into Tama-chan’s mind via good ol’ Vic! It’s titled Guilty Beauty Love, and this one is a translation from an original Japanese song officially sanctioned as Tamaki’s song. Vic worked up a cover translation and performed!

Live, spoiler-free footage!

Video with Ouran Clips!


Are you dying of the feels and admiration yet? No? Okay, one more!

Vic Mignogna singing, “Shissou,” the ending theme from Ouran!


There. You should be completely impressed by now.  ☆*:.。.(oωo).。.:*☆

As a side note, please keep in mind that not only did Vic compose and perform THIS song, he also performed and composed songs based on the relationships of another of his very favorite characters to portray. He wrote several songs from the point of view of Edward Elric, his character in “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

Want to see those, too? Well, that’s a post for another day. I can see it now: Mignogna Sings in Character, Fan Boys and Girls Die.

Until next time,

shoujothoughts ❤

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