First Impressions of “Kimi ni Todoke” (SUB)

Kimi ni Todoke 

Synopsis: This is a show about a girl named Sawako who is mocked or feared relentlessly by her classmates because of her resemblance to Sadako from the horror movie, “The Ring”. She doesn’t have many friends,  much less any romance in her life, but maybe, just maybe, all of that is about to change.


[Spoilers Ahoy for Ep. 1!]

A little over two minutes in to the first episode, Prologue, I already feel like this is going to be sad. I mean, I know it will end happily, but they really have me feeling for that girl, Sawako. Poor thing. She isn’t trying to be scary. Also, not going to lie, I’m in a pretty down mood myself today, but seeing Sawako’s sweet crush on the sparkly Kazehaya made a smile break through. It’s so cute how he smiles at her in greeting, but the poor thing thinks he’s so kind just because he acknowledges her without fear. It’s really sad, actually.”I can’t believe he’d great me the same way he does others!” she says. It just breaks my heart.

I can’t tell if she’s bright or not because of how she thinks people will be disappointed if she doesn’t bring ghosts with her rather than being saddened herself that they are all either terrified of her or mocking her resemblance to the girl from that scary movie “The Ring”.

And gosh, how Kazehaya notices that she’s always volunteering for the class jobs that no one else wants to do so that way the teacher won’t make someone else do it… this poor little thing.

Finally a friend, Shino-chan! And Kazehaya heard them talking. Oh boy. But now he’s gonna come talk to her, so I can rest easy.

They are going to be the cutest couple. ♡

This conversation with Kazehaya-kun is the first time someone from school has called her by her accurate first name? I get that Japan has various customs when it comes to formality and being polite, and I know I have to stop saying it over and over, but…gosh that’s just so sad.

It seems like speaking her mind and volunteering to be the ghost for her school’s…festival? something?…is leading to her getting a bit closer to those two mean girls (Chizu and something) who were making fun of her. But it isn’t like they are calling her by the correct name. It’s always “Sadako” rather than “Sawako.”

I’m kind of hoping she jumps out and scares the jeebies out of Kazehaya. She terrifies two boys and then the cute chibi in her head goes, “I think they liked it!”

Oh, my gosh. Kazehaya-kun wants to stay with her in the woods. I’m gonna go into fits if their relationship gets any cuter. “What’s happening right now?” she asks herself as he sits next to her. I’m laughing aloud because it is so funny and also is something that I frequently yell at the screen when I’m watching anime and something just too unbelievable or funny happens. :p

“Don’t stare at me for so long!” he says. Awww. Kaze-kun is fluuussstttereddd. The cute quickly turns to sadness when she misunderstands and promises that looking into her eyes won’t  really bring him misfortune or anything…Gosh.

“That isn’t it! It’s embrasssing. Don’t make me say it.” Kaze-kun says. It’s SO SWEET. And Lil’ Sawako…she admires him so much but the fact that he might like her isn’t even on her humble radar.

Wait…Dating Sawako is a PENALTY for not finishing the woods event? Those classmates think they’re so funny, don’t they? Grrrr. It makes my blood boil. Good thing Kazehaya won’t see it that way. No, he didn’t let me down. Like he says, it’s awfully rude. She’s a girl after all. It isn’t even funny as a joke. “Don’t let it get to you,” he says.

She won’t let him stand up for her because she thinks he will be risking his reputation. It was basically cringing because I didn’t know what she’d say when she started talking, but it was just more self depreciation on her parrr—wait…wait now she’s telling the class all the things she likes about him. Is this helping her situation?

Oh, that’s it. She wanted everyone to know that he doesn’t like her, that is is she herself who is honestly attracted to Kaze-kun’s good qualities. Gotcha.

Aw, man. She’s crying because she’s lonely. She’s afraid she’s driven him off. It’s just…gah, I need to stop saying that it is so sad but you get my point!

Ohhhh! He was waiting for her with an apology note and candies from the class….

She’s so happy that he’s still willing to talk to her, even.

K-kun: “I have a feeling you don’t really understand me.”

Sawa: “Don’t worry about me! I understand how you feel, Kazehaya-kun!–”

K-kun: “No, you don’t!

Is it alright if I expect…that we’ll see each other over the summer, too?

*flashback to the 1st day of school*

Back then.. that feeling I felt back then… this feeling which has since continued to grow… I wonder if it’ll reach you someday.”

And there, in that line of Japanese, is the title, kimi ni todoke! From me to you. ♡
I think I’m going to love this like a balm to the heart. Until next time…


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