Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Preface

There are many animes that I could have chosen to be the rallying point of this great blogging experiment, but none do I hold more closely to my heart than the primogenitor of my love for all things shojo (and the discovery that such a thing exists!), “Ouran High School Host Club”!

Let me be clear–this is a watch along worth taking part in whether you’re new to the anime (not “animals”, autocorrect!) scene or a veteran of manga. Here’s why:

“Ouran High School Host Club” is a shojo (targeted at girls) anime that turns the tropes of shojo on its head by making them entirely too obvious and completely laughable! In other words, Ouran’s primary job is to poke fun at itself and at other titles of its genre. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and yet it does an excellent job of pulling at the heart strings when it needs to. It’s light enough to help hilarious and deep enough to touch your heart. Furthermore, it is though this ability to mock itself that Ouran became my window into anime, and now I love to poke fun at shojo that pulls the common tropes but takes them seriously. (You’ll see what I mean in, for example, a “Diabolik Lovers” watch along.)

It’s the perfect jumping off point, so must it not be shared?

(It’s also got a dub–an English version voice cast–so that makes it even more accessible. For the longest time, I was a dub-only girl!)

Here’s how a watch along works:

We watch a show (this time, Ouran) together, episode by episode. (Woot woot!) I leave my rambing, trivial thoughts (sometimes with time notations!) or, if more serious, an ending thoughs summary, and you share yours by clicking on that comment button!

Easy? Yes. 🙂 But, obviously, there WILL. BE. SPOILERS. So, you know, at your own risk and all that. WATCH ALONG = SPOILERS.

Every so often, we’ll have a jam session or a wrap up, but I’ll explain those when the time comes. Just know that, when it comes time for a jam session, your comments will be critical. :p

I will always be sure to note if the show in question is a voice dub or a show with subtitles. You gotta watch what you like, after all.

Without further ado…

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4 thoughts on “Watch Along: Ouran High School Host Club, Preface

  1. Hey and welcome to the world of ani-blogging :D. Hmm..well shoujo isn’t my genre type, but have you tried out an anime that is currently airing called Orange?. Keep up the posts!! :D.


    1. Hey! 🙂 I haven’t seen any of it yet and I don’t know much about it, but the little that I do know does make Orange look interesting.
      Also, since shojo isn’t your thing, tell me: have you seen Black Butler or Death Parade? I watched both and found both interesting. Black Butler is one of my favorite anime, especially BB: Book of Murder!
      Thanks for following! 😀

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      1. Orange is about a girl called Nao. She sends a letter to her younger high school self. Telling her to not make the same mistakes her older self did, other wise she will “regret” them. And to save a friend that she falls in love with. Black butler and death parade, haven’t seen them xDD. The other shoujo show you can give a try is ore monogatari (my love story). Your welcome :D.


      2. Firstly, ORE MONOGATARI IS SO CUTE. I watched it and freaked out about how adorable it was the whole time. ♡♡♡
        Secondly, Orange, if I predict right, will be one of those shows that will make it so I MUST KNOW what happens and thus I will end up binge watching it. So…I gotta find a clear weekend. 😛
        Anyway, Black Butler isn’t shoujo, but I LOVED it. It is a show that is SO good that there didn’t need to be a speck of romance in it for me to LOVE it. 1000/10, one of my very, very favorite titles. If you do want to watch it, the official order is: Black Butler Season 1 to Ep. 15, BB: Book of Circus, and then BB….You know what? I’m just going to make a blog post about this before I turn into a fully raving fangirl in the comment section. 😛
        Death Parade was one of the darkest animes that I’ve watched, but completely engrossing. Really gets into some deep stuff. Unlike most shows that I’ve watched, not a comedy at all (unintentional or otherwise).

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